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4betjams over the first 3bets

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Hi guys,

Villian raises 3BB, hero 3bets 10BB, villian shoves.

From your experience, what do you think are the hands that villian shoves here? Asuming villian is kind of a regular and it is, lets say the 3rd 3bet in 25hands, what hands do call in this spot, if it happens the 1st time?

From my experience, this is a small pp most of the time or a Axo type hand that was not compfortable to call the 3bet, an i am incline to call hands like A8 or A9

Whats your experience?



Posted about 6 years ago


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first 4b is always a bluff amirite
but dont know if that still applies in todays hu games

Posted about 6 years ago


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I've heard this talked about in a couple of Wiltontilt's last few videos and also I think Blah and FWF talked about it in their last video. I don't play that much HU so I don't have a lot of personal experience but it sounds like they usually think it is a lot of small PP's and Ax type hands, too. Although, a villain in the video did it with 99 I think and stacked a smaller pair, so maybe it's not a bad idea to use it as a leveling spot every once in awhile, if it's pretty normal for people to put you on small PP's and weak Ax.

Posted about 6 years ago

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