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NL50 HU Bluffspot on river in 3betpot oop

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NL Holdem $0.50(BB) Replayer
Hero ($93.75)

Dealt to Hero X X

raises to $1.50, Hero raises to $5, calls $3.50

FLOP ($10) 2Heart 4Diamond 9Club

Hero bets $5, raises to $14.77, Hero calls $9.77

TURN ($39.54) 2Heart 4Diamond 9Club 5Diamond

Hero checks, checks

RIVER ($39.54) 2Heart 4Diamond 9Club 5Diamond 5Spade

Hero checks, bets $27.50, Hero folds

wins $39.04

Hi guys,
Villian is a bad regular, -8bb losingplayer over 100k hands, he folds nothing to 3bets, calls hands like J9o and 74o. He check/raise bluff much on dry flops in normal raised pots.

Asuming hero has air, is this a good spot to bluff the river? my thought is, villian has never a better hand than 9x, sometimes he raise a set on the flop to rep a bluff and check the turn to make me think he has nothing, but most of the time i see him calling a strong hand on the flop. 5x is also rare.
And i can clearly have any set, overpair and 9x so i think this is a good spot to bluff.

Betsizing do not have to big here, because villian has air most of the time and i think half pot is ok.

What do u think?


Posted about 6 years ago

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