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100nl - River decision

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7th hand HU, he had folded to all my opens and he had folded 2/3 OTB. Villain was playing a bunch of 6-max tables too. What do you do on the river? $97 effective stacks.

BTN/SB: $147.00
Hero (BB): $204.00

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is BB with A Heart 3 Heart
BTN/SB raises to $3, Hero raises to $10, BTN/SB calls $7

Flop: ($20.00) 2 Club T Heart 8 Heart (2 players)
Hero bets $12, BTN/SB calls $12

Turn: ($44.00) A Diamond (2 players)
Hero bets $28, BTN/SB calls $28

River: ($100.00) 8 Club (2 players)

Posted about 7 years ago


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I'm probably check-calling. Depends little bit on how big he bets. I doubt we are getting value from Tx anyway so i'd like him to turn his missed draws into a bluff. So c-c like 80% of the time and c-f 20% of the time (not actual percentages but just to put my thoughts into a word).

I think you should bet turn little bit bigger here. Stack sizes are little awkward on the river.

Posted about 7 years ago


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I don't see too many draws villain would play this way but villain sees a lot of missed draws in our range. Villain is never betting worse for value and rarely has a hand he needs to bluff with and I think he is also folding most of his 8X ott. If you check the river you will lost a lot of value vs TX. That's why I would shove. Another option is to go for c/call turn and river.

Posted about 7 years ago


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For a bet to be correct, you need to get better hands to fold, or more worse hands to call than better hands.

So do we expect to get hands that are beating us to fold? I'm going to argue no, since any ace in his 3bet-calling range is probably pretty big, Likewise with a bare 8x or full house. This guy is playing pretty tight, so you may be able to run him out with a jam off Ax. OTOH, he may have decided to get stubborn, and planning to get people ot fold Ax on an A-high board isn't a path to riches.

Obviously we have precisely no info on his range, but can we construct a range where it would correct to value bet? I don't think so. His 3bet-calling range really doesn't include too many Tx or A2 combos even if he was calling 100% with them. He might have KK-JJ (18 combos), but equally, he has A9+ for 48 combos and TT/AA for 4 combos.

I'd be checking to induce, and hoping he has enough KQ/KJ he bluffs with to make a call correct. But it may very well be a check-fold against this tight a villain.

Posted about 7 years ago


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I'd c/c river against an unknown, I don't think you'll get called by worse if you bet here.

Posted about 7 years ago


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I like c/c turn as well. You'll very rarely get three streets of worse anyways and you allow him to bluff or catch up with dominated draws.

Posted about 7 years ago


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Depends on which level villain is thinking.
I think some players would check Tx on the turn and bet air & draws with the ace as scarecard. So I think betting the turn is fine, but a little bit more, about 35$.
River is a c/c spot I guess. He's not betting Tx here so you give him opportunity to bet some missed draws.

Posted about 7 years ago


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Vs a tight guy though, I think he has AQ, AJ a decent amount of the time and I don't think he has that many missed draws in his range because a) he doesn't have many of those in his preflop range and b) those players won't dbl float with weaker draws very much.
Vs a std reg, this almost seems like a no-brainer bet, bet, c/c

Posted about 7 years ago


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Im not a HU player but perhaps check calling to bluff catch missed draws would be best here. i think that valuebetting is too thin here so its much better to let him bluff

Posted about 7 years ago


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this imo is a good spot to bluff river (when we have air) against someone that isn't to focused. There for it is to thin to value bet. I do like c/c because he can be bluffing but think that is thin as well, not sure..

Against better players I wouldn't bluff as often depending on my image vs them. EG i have a wide 3bet range. i am barrelling often then i have a ton of missed draws in my range for 3 barrelling this and if im not Vbetting Ax (where x is lower then T) they can bluff catch well vs me.

Then against these guys you can value merge the river. As in bet this river to get called by bluff catchers due to reasons above.

Posted about 7 years ago


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Pretty sure it's hands like these that make 3betting small aces bad in general.

Given we've no read that he'll auto-bet the river if we check, I'd just shove. He'll turn up with a variation of shit we beat as he'll rarely give us credit for an A or an 8.

Posted about 7 years ago

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