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2 Months, 2 Million: 2M2MM Crew : Episode 1

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2 Months, 2 Million: 2M2MM Crew : Episode 1 by KRANTZ, whitelime, flawless_victory, Ansky

In June 2008, Patrik Antonius challenged the best online heads up NLHE players to play him on Full Tilt. Our very own KRANTZ stepped up to the plate. This video includes commentary from DC’s elite: Krantz, Whitelime, Ansky and Flawless_Victory (and a very brief FoxwoodsFiend cameo). The content is a mix of entertaining off-topic discussions interspersed with some high stakes poker theory.

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Two months. Two million. No problem. That's Team Israel's goal for the summer in Vegas. Watch Jay help hit it. This ongoing series is an in-depth look at his life during the shooting of whitelime, flawless_victory, Ansky and KRANTZ's forthcoming reality TV show (filming in Vegas this summer and airing on G4 in late August). Jay will play and analyze hands he's actually playing while on television, using an aggressive bankroll management strategy to climb from 5/10 and 10/20 back to the nosebleeds. Can he make it? We have faith. They don't call him pr1nnyraid for nothin'.


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Comments for 2 Months, 2 Million: 2M2MM Crew : Episode 1

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Avatar for KRANTZ

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Joined 07/2007

Very entertaining video.

At eleven minutes in (I'm not sure how to insert one of those cool dots on the time line yet.) There is a discussion of bet sizing on the turn, and if indeed checking is the right play. The board is 6Club TClub QHeart JDiamond and hero holds KClub QHeart. There is 20.5K in the pot with 29.7 behind.

Jay says he's not crazy about jamming (the line he actually takes.) Flawless says something like if you bet half pot and he jams the EV between calling and folding will be close, so you've maneuvered yourself into a tricky spot.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around this hand. It seems to me like if the river is an offsuit 9 or A, putting a one card straight on board, you won't get paid by hands that are behind but would call a turn bet. And if the river is a club he'll have a pretty good bluffing opportunity. So I would bet here, but maybe that's too predictable or straightforward? And the option of betting half pot here, 15K, leaving yourself about 15 behind with a pot that will be 50 is a move that confuses me. Can you really make a bet that looks for all the world like you are pot committed and then fold? What hands would you do this with? Is there a way to balance this?

Really enjoyed this one.

It's not that the bet is predictable or straightforward, it's that all Patrik's hands that are worse than mine have a hard time calling a jam on the turn (since it is a crazy spot to bluff). We're saying that checking the turn might be best because of that but if checking isn't best then betting all-in isn't the best bet size. And Brian points out that betting smaller might not accomplish anything other than putting you in an EV neutral situation... so maybe checking really is best then.

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for richbrown

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Joined 09/2008

A Flawless/Ansky 'parallels' type series would be incredible/hilarious

yeah right!

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for TheBurger

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Joined 02/2008

I'd much rather hear this group of poker minds talk over each other (or whatever else the complaints were) then anyone else make a clearly thought out/spoken video. Pls have Ansky keep making vidz and ffs find a hot chick to give Flawless a massage. I would renew my membership just to hear him spew his thoughts on teh unlimited holdthems

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for hayes13

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Avatar for sthief09

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Avatar for Bruut99

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Joined 06/2008

Please let Anksy finish his sentences. You guys sound a little bit too cool if you ask me.

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for 1BYONE

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Joined 05/2009

This kind of vids are only available at DC Wink Thanks guys for sharing

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for nothingrock

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Avatar for Nikolaimon

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Joined 11/2009

Fun to watch, but painful to listen. Speak one at a time please, and give room to each other. I'm too old for all this smack...
E. Hmmmm. Actually I have to disagree with myself a bit. Some good stuff being said here, but still I'd appreciate it if you'd concentrate on the poker a bit more.

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for goldseraph

1652 posts
Joined 03/2008

Theres a thousand videos that are straight up dry poker strategy. The point of this vid I think was to be entertaining, with some strat talk thrown in. Jay even picked a session he admits he did not play optimally and hates many of his plays now, but imo it is entertaining to hear random conversation + picking on Jay + some strat talk mixed in. And I still want to hear Brian's 90 second take on the NFL! Smile

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for g.swennen

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Joined 09/2009

Hey Krantz, call-dance-creator, I d like you to explain why you jammed your set of 3s in the last hand. Concedering all the straight draws possible on the river.
I think, given the situation on the turn, my move would be a raise but the amount would be slightly higher around like 11500-12500 or even a bit over the pot facing all the straight and flush draws that he might complete on the river.

What do you think a bit later your session?

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for NoWayFolding

3813 posts
Joined 03/2008

at first it was about testing myself... notsomuch after i saw how he played and realized he was at the top of the food chain in stakes but not skill

do you think he has improved since then?

Posted over 8 years ago


Avatar for montezuma21

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Joined 03/2008

all this talk about apartments and team israel is incredibly irritating and distracting. kindly stick to the poker.

Posted about 8 years ago


Avatar for ssslipnssslide

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Joined 04/2010

A Flawless/Ansky 'parallels' type series would be incredible/hilarious

yea it would be hilarious when they turn the camera toward dani bitch slapping thr shit out of flawless for rambling on about all kinds of nerdy shit.

Posted about 8 years ago


Avatar for ssslipnssslide

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Joined 04/2010

TO Dani...

i dont know how important to you it is or if it even matters now, but I just thought i'd let you know.

theres a certain pokersavvy video where you specifically ask the editor to cut out an IM between you and your friend and judging on the content of the conversation I think it needs to be cut out too. well...he didnt cut it out so you might wanna contact someone about that. I dont wanna say which one it is for privacy sake.

Posted about 8 years ago

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