Poker Video: No Limit Hold'Em by livebikebart (High Stakes)

Poker with Your Pants On: Episode Two

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Poker with Your Pants On: Episode Two by livebikebart

Bart talks new hands, new opponents, old opponents, but always interesting spots.

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Bart brings his live No-Limit hands from his play in LA's casinos.


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Comments for Poker with Your Pants On: Episode Two

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Avatar for chuck651

1342 posts
Joined 11/2010

in the Q10s hand what do you think about 3 betting the uber nit?

Posted almost 7 years ago


Avatar for chuck651

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Joined 11/2010

Do you think on the AKhh 4 flush river hand vs. the asian rec and the russian, would it be better to raise in a vacuum given the read that the russian can't really have a high diamond to insure that the asian rec folds a low to medium strength diamond? Obviously he folded the 8d in this situation but i think he folds much more often when we put in a raise to like 1200 here. If it was heads up obviously we just call because the russian is super polarized and won't bet for value without the 9d+ which he rarely has anyways so bluff catching is the far superior play.

Posted almost 7 years ago


Avatar for MRDORSEY

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Joined 06/2010

Well, the K was a really good river card for you because if any other card comes out other than A,K,J you lose.

Posted almost 7 years ago


Avatar for tripleh

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Joined 10/2011

Time Link to 00:43:54

Why can't he have 9d9x? Or less likely JTdd with a royal where maybe he can't bet turn cause there is nothing that can look him up?

Posted over 6 years ago


Avatar for soleztis

DC Dalai Lama
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Joined 09/2010

Time Link to 00:06:06


Even though you said you don't want to barrel these boards, you bet, hoping to get through the blinds, and not expecting limpers to check a K. If you expect limpers c/c'ing range to not include K's wouldn't this encourage barreling most turns?

Posted about 6 years ago


Avatar for livebikebart

276 posts
Joined 03/2008

Yes. But in this case when the 9 pairs I'm either ahead of a straight draw, he is not folding a K or he has tripped up with 9s.

Posted about 6 years ago


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Avatar for leslieweizen

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Joined 02/2011

Time Link to 00:18:43

I like raising bigger on the flop so you can just shove turn. As is you are almost giving him odds to call turn with a fd.

Posted over 5 years ago


Avatar for Pittsburgh

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Joined 11/2012

Time Link to 00:43:15

Good analysis, but you missed an Obvious one. He could very easily have KJo with the Jd. where he checks flop, then turn because of the one liner to the straight. Then he makes the Nuts on the river. It worked out and the thought process is HUGELY important. But KJ in that spot makes PERFECT sense.

Posted about 5 years ago

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