Poker Video: Limit Hold'Em by Joe Tall (Mid Stakes)

The Vault: $5/10 6 max with Joe Tall and DeathDonkey

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The Vault: $5/10 6 max with Joe Tall and DeathDonkey by Joe Tall, DeathDonkey

DeathDonkey and Joe Tall tag-team this 5/10 6-max video as they switch off on the mic! Watch the contrast in styles unfold before your eyes as the each take two turns on the microphone. Get 2 in 1 with one video as they crush a 5/10 6-max game!

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Videos from the old collection -- primarily LHE with occasional Stud/8, PLO, and LO8 mixed in.


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Comments for The Vault: $5/10 6 max with Joe Tall and DeathDonkey

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My initial thought on the Th8h hand would be to lead out from the SB to put the BB in the middle and, like Chris said, possibly have the preflop raiser clean up the hand by clearing out the players behind who likely have overcard draws. Is this the wrong line of thinking? And what are the factors in this instance that make check-raising or check-call-donk safe turn (Joe's preferred line) better plays?


Posted over 10 years ago


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Time Link to 00:08:54

DeathDonkey play.It took me awhile to figure this out and still haven't all the way. But I think I see it. I made a mistake originally in my sweet jazz math by not using the final total pot size at the end of the flop,$87. CutOff's $10 call is 11.5% of the pot. I Gave the pfr about a top 15% range and the CO ATo and found his winning chances are about 17% via pokerstove. So with his chance of winning> than his share of the pot= a call. Right? But this is with 2 streets to go. Also he knows the answere here in real time, so is there a "rule" to rely on here?

Posted almost 9 years ago

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