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I've been with DeucesCracked as a coach for over 5 years. I began playing poker in 2005 after my 21st birthday. I started studying by reading many books and posting regularly on the forums at 2+2. During the my first several years I spent a majority of my poker time studying the game, as compared to grinding. Poker didn't come very easily to me, but I wanted to be great at it so I put in the hard work. Consequently, I feel that I have a very in depth mathematical and theoretical foundation. I began my poker career playing Limit Hold 'Em for the first few years before moving exclusively to No Limit Hold'em in March 2007, shortly after graduating from Indiana State University with a Bachelor's in Computer Science. I then invested in private lessons with Sunny Mehta (co-author of Professional No Limit Hold'em. Volume 1 and Small Stakes No Limit Hold'em) and spent some time getting my head wrapped around No Limit.

In the spring of 2008, I quit my job to pursue a career in music in Florida. While in Florida I would often play in the $1/2 games at a local poker room as a side income. At the time the max buy in for those games was $100 and I wasn't making any money playing music. Consequently, after a few months I decided to play online poker for a living. By this time, NLHE had finally began to click. My first month, September 2008, I made nearly $4000 at $.5/1 and I haven't looked back since.

Like many other poker players, Black Friday was a challenge for me to push through. It forced me to becomes a stronger and more knowledgeable player. Because of this, I feel like I have became a stronger coach.

I have been published in both the 2+2 internet magazine and in Bluff Magazine. You can find further information on me on I joined the Deuces Cracked team in the Spring of 2009. I have been producing videos for DeucesCracked for nearly two years now. Be sure to check out my popular series "Tolerance".

Coaching Information

My program is built to improve your poker game as efficiently as possible.

I encourage new students to take three to five sessions to start. Each session will last approximately one hour.

In order for us to improve your poker game it is important to first assess what areas you are looking for help in. The beginning of your first session will be spent doing this, followed by giving you a few ideas to start immediately incorporating into your game. Once we identify concepts that you struggle with, we will go over these concepts in detail. We will discuss what things you want to consider during a poker hand, from beginning to end, so that you can advance your game quickly.

5-Hour Program

I offer a discount for a 5-hour package. I have a suggested outline for each new student, but it is merely an outline. The specifics will change because this coaching program will be customized for your specific needs.

1st hour: The first hour is an assessment. I will look through your stats in your database to discover how you play poker, and to also find anything that I can suggest that you work on. I will offer some general suggestions of things to work on and concepts to think about. In this hour my aim is to plot a course for our study together. In the following hours we will study concepts more specifically and in a more detailed fashion.

2nd hour: The second hour will be spent going into detail on the concepts we have decided to focus on previously. This will vary student to student, but will typically involve some discussion on how to play pre-flop (for example, opening ranges, calling opens, and 3-betting), or what sort of hands we want to bet, and not bet, on the flop.

3rd hour: The third hour is typically a continuation of the second hour, but with less examples and theoretical discussion and more example-driven. We will run specific filters to find hands that we want to discuss. We will look at the hands and discuss your play and what sort of things to think about in these hands.

4th hour: Here we will often discuss what to do when we face multiple betting decisions. This could be facing 3-bets pre-flop, deciding if you want to bet again on the turn or river, and many other things.

Often times we might get into reviewing things discussed in the first few hours, or discussing hands that you have felt uncomfortable during. This is fine and encouraged!

5th hour: At this point in time we will have a strong idea of what things we want to discuss. We could want to review some concepts in more detail, or we might move on to some other more advanced topics. We will work together, as a team, to address your specific concerns

*This program is merely an outline. I have intentionally let things be less detailed in the descriptions of the third, fourth, and fifth hours. This is because in private coaching we do things that are specific to your needs. You may have specific questions and hands that will take us in a different direction. That is fine! The outline is a path, a rough sketch of what sort

I also suggest that a student mark trouble hands and we can take a session to look at some hands he or she has had trouble with. Students do have access to me via email and Skype to ask questions they may have in between sessions, and also access to my private forums!

At this point I have coached over 150 tudents from the range of $.02/.05 to $2/4. I am currently coaching about 10 students, and am able to take on a few more. I have several former students that now play small/mid-stakes professionally. Feel free to send me a message or email me at if you have any questions.




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