My name is Orestto, I'm 25 years old and have been playing poker for a living for about 3 years. In 2007, I started playing STTs with a $50 bankroll. When I finished Law School, in late 2008, I had switched to NLHE cash games and was grinding 50nl and 100nl. I joined DeucesCracked in 2009 and got hooked on PLO after watching a few videos and playing a couple thousand hands online. I quickly realized how much more I enjoyed this crazy game, so I decided to begin my transition into it starting at 25plo.

I learned as much as I could studying anything PLO-related that I could get my hands on. I read PLO books and articles, started participating in the forums, watched basically all the videos I could find across various training sites, ran and studied equities as well as PLO theory. As my game improved, I started talking strategy with other experienced poker players and have been an active member of several groups where we do video reviews and analyze hand histories on a regular basis. This, coupled with one-on-one coaching has allowed me to reach a deeper understanding of PLO and has helped me move up in stakes to a mix of 100plo and 200plo.

In May 2010, I started coaching micro and small stakes PLO players, mostly from within the DC community. My coaching sessions last around 70-80 minutes and I am also available outside session times for active students. I usually prefer to do video reviews because they allow me to find leaks students aren't aware of. However, I also have experience doing hand history reviews and talking about specific PLO theory concepts. No matter the coaching method, my priority is to challenge the student with questions and 'what if' scenarios, changing cards, positions or stack sizes, and help them develop a solid understanding of PLO.

"Orestto has really elevated my game and made me think about PLO on a much higher level than I was before. I’d recommend him to any other small stakes players looking for a well-priced and accessible coach. Before we began working together I was getting by OK but playing in a fairly systematic way. I had watched videos, read forums and some books but was all too often deferring to the default and standard lines. After we started working together I began seeing PLO completely differently and started approaching every single hand as an individual problem with a unique solution. Orestto really helped my thought process for attacking and solving each hand by helping me realize what variables and factors to take into consideration." - Teahuppo, DC Member


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