I started playing poker back in 2004, when I learned about some easy opportunities for bonus whoring to make a few hundred bucks. It turned out that I really liked poker too, so I stuck with it and worked my way up the limit ranks. Life took over in 2005 and most of 2006, however, so there wasn't much time for poker. I couldn't stay away forever though, so later in 2006 I came back to the scene with renewed interest.

I played SSNL-MSNL from 2006-2008 and got my start at teaching poker by making videos (From The Ground Up) and coaching micro stakes players. In 2009 I started learning PLO, and now it's my main game, both for playing and coaching. I've always had a passion for teaching and helping others, so poker coaching has been a great outlet for me. I especially enjoy helping micro-stakes players understand the fundamentals of the game and turn them from inexperienced/break-even/losing players to small-stakes crushers and beyond - nothing beats seeing someone have an "Aha!" moment!

Here is a graph of my play at PLO 100 and PLO 200 over the past year, including several long breaks due to grad school crises.

"When I joined DeucesCracked in early 2008 I was a break-even/losing player in the $25 and $50 buyin no-limit cash games. After watching lots of videos and reading forum posts, I slowly improved as a player; however, I was still struggling in a lot of spots and looked into getting a coach. I found Jason (n0whereman) after watching some of his videos, and things started to immediately click. With a combination of live sweat sessions, hand history reviews, and video reviews, he was able to quickly point out several problems with my game and prepare me for higher stakes. Jason takes a personal interest in your development, and is available to answer any questions on his private forum. He is extremely responsive as a teacher, is able to explain difficult concepts in a very straightforward way, and is genuinely interested in making sure you understand what he's telling you. After several months of coaching I'm comfortably beating 100NL and am now preparing to begin taking shots at 200NL. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in get out of the microstakes, learn a lot about poker, and have fun!" - tmarnold




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