Tim started out as a professional sports bettor and initially viewed poker as a hobby as most of us once did. In 2008 Tim was fortunate to work with some of the best coaches available to allow the hobby to turn into playing professionally. Since that point Tim has played and coached full-time alongside the sports betting and trading.

Tim has worked with many 6max NL players looking to work on beating their current levels comfortably before moving up, as well those players looking to obtain an edge on the regulars in their current games. Tim has had particular success in turning tournament players into successful cash players and aims to work with those playing anywhere from the micros to 2/4 6max in fixing their leaks and getting them beating their levels comfortably while at the same time taking a look at the psychological aspect of poker and how they approach and improve their overall theoretical strategy.

Tim currently plays NL small and midstakes on a variety of sites and also puts in a good amount of time playing live cash




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50NL - Poorly played hand, would like some feedback on my analysis

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