Hello, my name is Jeff, also known as Goldseraph. I'm from Florida and I've been playing online poker since 2006, first specializing in tournaments, and now focusing on No Limit Hold'em cash games. I have been a coach at DeucesCracked since late 2008, and I have produced over 30 instructional videos in the DC library. I have logged several million hands at 100-200NL full ring and 6-max games with a 4 bb/100 hands winrate over the years, usually 12-16 tabling.

In addition to my playing experience, I continue to drink up all available poker knowledge, spending many hours reading poker forums, watching training videos, and discussing hands and theory with my peers. I also have a great deal of experience coaching, having coached over 100 students from around the world, and I have developed my skills over the years to more efficiently use the student's time and find their leaks faster.


$60 per session, $200 for four-session packages (must have an introductory lesson at $60 before purchasing a package).

Coaching Method

My coaching specializes in small-stakes No-Limit Holdem, particularly helping students advance up to 100 and 200nl, and fine tuning the games of those already at those levels.

Sessions usually require Skype, Teamviewer, and a headset for live conferencing and screen sharing with my students.

My methods of poker training include, but are not limited to:

  • HEM2 or PT4 statistical analysis and leak-hunting.
  • Review of results, goals, habits, bankroll management, and mindset.
  • Live review of the student's recorded poker sessions.
  • In-depth hand history review of difficult and interesting hands.
  • Game composition discussion / adaptability development.
  • Discussion and explanation of essential theory concepts.

    After each lesson, I will summarize the topics discussed, and provide my general advice going forward. Repeat students will be given goals and advice on the immediate and long-term adjustments to make.

    I encourage my students to email me hand histories and general questions in between sessions, and I will try to contact the student between session for updates on their progress and to answer questions.

    I coach only about 10-20 hours a month, so I can devote enough time to my game and putting 50k hands of volume in, while not getting burned out on coaching or taking too many students.

    If you are interested in my services, email or PM me on the forums & thanks!

    Student Testimonials

    "Having never been coached before, I didn't know what to expect when GoldSeraph took me in as his student. Fortunately, he quickly surpassed my expectations and proved to be extremely competent. Professional, friendly, and dedicated to making sure I progress and improve, he was certainly a catalyst in the process of modeling a solid and unexploitable TAG style for me." - Martin aka SubV

    "GoldSeraph is keeping it simple, making ME think about the hands in question, then giving a full explanation in simple terms that opened my eyes to where my errors were the biggest. We discussed numerous concepts, and I am confident with my ability to become a winning 100nl player at a decent clip. We will continue to have more sessions." - Larry aka Bigfishead95

    "I worked with Goldseraph last month each week for 4 sessions. I have to say it was a great investment to work with him. He has helped me overcome several trouble spots and improved my game. If you are a looking for someone to take your game up a notch you should consider working with Goldseraph. He was very friendly and easy to talk to and explained the hand from the opposite side of the coin - villian's in most cases. Seeing it explained from the other side helped my game greatly. During the first session we used teamviewer so he could see my database and commented on what I was doing and what a winner looks like. We began to plug up the leaks from there. The second session I made a video and we talked about noteworthy spots that are good for learning to play better. Third session we worked on more trouble spots and I got more definitive answers instead of the 'it depends' type of answer you hear often - more specifically 3betting, dealing with 3betting, stealing, blind defense, squeeze, and responding to habitual squeezers. Last session we talked about creative plays and a plan to move up stakes." - Fred aka Krookymunster

    "Jeff aka Goldseraph ist ein ausgezeichneter Small Stakes 6max und FR Coach. Er konnte mir fortgeschrittene Konzepte in einfachen Worten erklären und mir schon nach kurzer Zeit kritische Fehler in meinem Spiel aufzeigen. Er war sehr investiert in meine Entwicklung als Pokerspieler, nicht nur am Pokertisch, sondern auch in Meta-Aspekten wie tilt oder Zeitmanagement und hat mir geholfen, meine Zeit effektiver zu nutzen indem er mich regelmäßig angespornt hat. Er bot mir von sich aus an, ihm auch wenn wir keine coachings hatten, hand histories zu schicken, die er ausführlich behandelt hat und gab mir mehrfach auch Einblick in sein eigenes Spiel, seien es Stats oder die Möglichkeit ihm zuzuschaun. Ich empfehle Goldseraph jedem, dem noch der letzte Schliff fehlt um SSNL nachhaltig zu schlagen." - Jorn aka Jafeeio

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