As many of the other coaches on DC, I started playing poker in college in the early years of online poker back in 2002. I used to use basic strategy charts for limit hold’em and grind out hands to earn deposit bonuses and rakeback. After a few years I decided there was more money to be made by actually learning the game so I bought an ICM calculator and started playing SNG tournaments on Poker Stars and Full Tilt. I was able to grind out a decent ROI for a few years then black Friday happened and I had to quit online poker for a while.

Since the games started to get good again on bovada and some of the other US sites I decided to get back into the game and grind some 6max NLHE cash. I used to post on 2+2 and was never really satisfied with the responses I was getting to my strategy questions so I decided to get an account with DC. After just a few weeks of experience with the site I noticed a dramatic difference in both the quality of strategy advice I was getting and my results at the tables.

I send a few PM’s to some of the coaches I was able to get a few of them to review some videos I made and do some database analysis as well. There is one particular video WiltonTilt did for me that I believe has improved my game more rapidly than anything else I have ever done. I still go back and review the video to this day. The series by Tommy Angelo “The Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment” has also been pivotal for me in handling some of my mental game challenges.

I am currently grinding midstakes NLHE part time mainly on bovada and playing some live cash. Here is a graph of my results from 2014 and 2015. I think my main strengths are database analysis, using software tools to improve pre and postflop play, and having solid fundamentals.

Private Coaching

I am currently charging $50 per hour for private coaching. This can include us reviewing a video you have made, us reviewing a video I have made, or us reviewing hands in a replayer from your database. I do have a discounted package deal as well. For the upfront fee of $225, you will receive 5 one hour sessions with me. These are best used weekly as it allows us to implement certain ideas into your game and then talk about the problems/issues/successes you are having while implementing them.

If you have HEM, I will also include a review of your last 10 to 15k hands at no additional cost. This means that before our first session, I will have you export these hands to me, and I will scour them for leaks and put together a few things we can implement into your game. We could also review some of your videos you made during these sessions.




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