My name is Jamie Wilby, aka Buffyslayer1 (on most sites).

I started playing poker in around 2007 via home games with friends and progressed to online play money! I eventually plucked up the courage to put $10 on Pokerstars and played $1 SNGs badly until I discovered some sit and go videos on DeucesCracked and turned that into a $6k roll. From there I played mainly STTs until about 2010 when I got disillusioned with STTs and discovered MTTs, which became my one true love! After much really hard work (since poker didn’t come particularly easy to me), I became confident enough to finally start playing full time in April 2012 and have been lucky enough to enjoy quite some success since that time period both playing and coaching.

Coaching Packages

I offer MTT coaching purely (no SNs) - my current rate is $75 per hour or for a block booking of 10 hours $60/hr.

Additionally students who have bought a block booking and would like subsequent sessions these will be available at the discounted rate.

I have been coaching 1-1 since approximately 2011 and have developed over that time a more concept-driven focused approach to coaching as opposed to the traditional HH reviews given by many MTT coaches. Initially a HH review of a deep run/FT will be conducted to get an overall feel for the student’s game and immediate areas of improvement can be worked on.

From there, a more focused comprehensive coaching plan can be constructed to focus on specific leaks using concept lesson plans to demonstrate the ideas and principles behind that concept.

Additionally, if a student uses HEM/PT4 a database analysis can take place to uncover potential leaks as well from time to time.

Some of the most common leaks I see across most students despite the abundance of information available in today’s game include:




Micro Stakes
Small Stakes



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