My name is Jae and I offer coaching for tournaments and all SNG's. My rate is $180/hour.

I have a 62% Average ROI, with a $45 ABI, over 15,000 combined tournaments on Pokerstars with a profit of $324,000. I am having the best year of my career so far, with a 60% ROI and $172,000 in profits in 2012.

I've played 9,000 total SNGs with a $44 Average Buy-In (ABI) and a 7.6% Average ROI. Although SNG's are my secondary game, I am a winner at all forms (6m, 9m, 18m, 45m, 180m) pre-rakeback.

Our coaching session can start with a few details about you and your poker goals. I like having genuine interest in your success. I'll spend time on relevant software and how to properly setup your computer. We'll also go over key concepts about the game you are learning. In my experience, these first steps will provide some of the biggest benefits to a low or midstakes player possible.

After this, I'll load a few of your hand histories and discuss them with you. I always send a copy of the important notes for each session at the end. I can also sweat your session or talk in-depth about specific concepts.


I was first introduced to poker in high school and began to play online while studying English at the University of California, Berkeley. I was a terrible Limit Hold'em donator but began taking the game seriously in 2008. jjyykk just stands for my initials.

After joining DeucesCracked, I began beating cash games from NL200 to NL600 on UltimateBet while teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. I had severe tilt issues and ran through several bankrolls before switching to SNGs and then tournaments in 2009. I was very fortunate in 2009, final tabling a few $100 dollar tournaments without really understanding tournaments. After working hard on my game, I finished third in the Nightly Hundred Grand in mid-September and decided to go pro.

My big breakthrough was winning the Sunday Warmup in August 2010 and the weekly Tournament Leaderboard on Pokerstars that same week. With confidence growing, I traveled to EPT Vienna for my first big buy-in live tournament and won a 1,000 Euro side event for $33,000. I'm a longtime fan of DeucesCracked so working here is a dream come true for me.




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