I discovered poker in London back in 2007 working the night shift at a TV station specialising in business news. During the night we'd broadcast 3 hours of poker content. "Filler" we'd call it and my workmates would use this time to nap but I was soon hooked.

I read a few books and joined the live poker scenes in London and Paris, having some success right away. While I enjoyed the tournaments, I quickly grew to love the purity of cash games, and was soon playing those exclusively.

I discovered online poker and Deuces Cracked at about the same time a few years ago, and I was fascinated by how my successes in live poker failed to translate to the online game. I slowly improved by watching the series and getting into MANY discussions on the forums. I was astonished by how technical a game poker is and I inhaled all the theory I could get my hands on. As a DC member I made this video giving my thoughts on multi-street EV calculation, and I have since made this series with Josh "Sthief09" Plotkin, looking at the skills necessary to move out of the microstakes.

The area I can help people with most is in dealing with the large player pools in the microstakes by developing "Herd Exploitation" techniques for analyzing situations. These concepts translate effectively to whatever game you play, from Full-Ring NLHE cash games to Heads-Up Razz SnGs. This allows newer players to accelerate their learning by giving them a clear path to approaching poker situations against unknown opponents, or known opponents in unknown situations.



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