I started off playing poker about 5 years ago with my friends at school, and as a child who grew up playing video games, the game immediately appealed to me. I went to Cambridge University to study Maths, but dropped out after a year and I have been playing poker professionally for the three years since.

I decided to get into coaching because I really enjoy the theory aspect of the game, and I enjoy talking and thinking about it. I feel it's very important to have a strong fundamental understanding of each particular game, as well as a lot of discipline and a solid mental game, which I why I spend a lot of time analyzing basically everything there is about poker and I stress that any student do the same.

My main game is 2-7 Triple Draw (I play under Stryd0r), a game I've studied intensely and have had a lot of success in the last year. I feel my understanding of the game is close to unrivaled. Here are some graphs of my play on Stars and FTP.

I've also had a lot of success in the past binking NL tournaments and playing HU and 6max PLO.

I would describe my game as tight-aggressive with the ability to adapt (/spew), but I'm not going to teach you exactly how I play the game; instead, I plan to make you better at thinking about the game, and playing the game yourself.

My rates will vary between $100-300 per hour, weighted towards the low end if you're a small stakes player.

My method of coaching is flexible, including sweats (either way), video reviews, hand history reviews and also me producing a video. Personally I think me sweating you or a hand history review are the most effective. Coaching will typically be done on Skype and Mikogo.

"Schweig has, over a couple of sessions, helped to clarify many of the inherent flaws in my strategy, and help me identify ways to exploit my opponents with greater efficency. He is definitely a strong poker mind, and I don't doubt he will be able to help you move to the next level with your poker game, whatever that level happens to be" - liquid_quik from DC forums, regarding HU PLO advice

"Whenever [Schweig] disagrees with me I'm wrong" - mitch, regarding anything


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