Hey, my name is Pawel.

Like many I got interested in poker when I was a student. I started playing MTTs and SNGs, but they didn’t hold my interest. I was about to give up poker entirely until I fortunately read about Grindcore on 2p2 forums. I watched his cash game videos and it struck me that Texas Holdem can actually be a challenging intellectual game and there is so much room for outthinking other players. Then I dedicated myself to improving at 6max NL cash games. Late 2009 I invested in poker cash game books, coaching sites subscriptions and thought about the game incessantly.


The main strengths of my game revolves around handreading, picking up reads and exploiting weaknesses. In my opinion, these skills are developed best by playing a very focused and insightful game. My experience indicates this is not possible when playing many tables. My winrates when 4-6 tabling at 100bb tables at 100nl and below have always been around 10bb/100. For this reason, I am confident I could help anyone who has problems beating these games. A critical tool I use when exploiting weakness is HEM statistics. Working with me you will learn how to exploit opponents based upon their tendencies.

As for the structure of the coaching, I first want to learn as much as possible about your game. This is best done through a review of your HEM/PT3 database and you providing a description of your game and concerns. After I have a good general understanding of your strengths and weaknesses-- we hit the tables. You will record a session of your play that we will review together in-detail. This will allow for the depth and breadth of discussion necessary for your improvement. You may easily access me via skype to discuss your concerns and hand histories in between sessions. Although I believe this is the most beneficial coaching path, I am open to any suggestions you have as to the format of your coaching. My rate is $80 per hour.

Graphs and my recent game:

This graph is all of my cash game hands at 25nl and some 50nl. Mid-2010 I successfully moved up to 100nl.

In September 2010, a few months after Pokerstars introduced 20-50bb tables, I turned myself into a 24-tabling rakeback pro. In hindsight, this was a mistake. At the time, I thought I could improve my hourly. You can tell from the graph at which point I increased number of tables. (June 2010 - Dec 2010) Take this graph for a salutary advice for you!

After a few months of chasing loyalty bonuses I knew this is not the way to play poker. I went back to 4-6-tabling. Recently, with coaching from Grindcore himself, I’ve successfully moved up to 200nl. I am very happy to cite his praising comments on me and my game:

“Out of all the people I've coached (150-200 or so), I've never seen anyone with Pawel's potential. I've never had a student understanding and applying concepts so fast. His read building is also phenomenal. When I started coaching him 2 months ago, his only experience at small stakes was masstabling like a super nit. When he went back to playing fewer tables and focusing on reads and exploitation, he was showing me hands with reads and thought processes a lot of 5/10 regs wouldn't be capable of, and started crushing NL100 right away. At the time of writing this, he's crushing 1/2 and easily already good enough to beat 2/4. Since he's still somewhat inexperienced, he's nowhere near his skill ceiling yet either. A legend in the making!” -Grindcore

On a personal note

I am a huge fan of music, especially genres like progressive rock/jazz, blues and classical. My other interests are literature, psychology and physics.




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