I’m a computer science student who came in contact with poker in 2005 by playing home games with friends. It didn’t take long before I realized money could be made with the game, ordered some books and deposited 100 dollar online. Starting at 5c/10c limit I quickly made my way to 2/4 and 2/6 full ring limit, increasing my bankroll a hundredfold in the process. After a break from poker I switched to no limit in the beginning of 2008. This time starting at the 50NL level it took me a few months to move up to and crush 200NL. At the moment I'm a regular in the PokerStars and Full Tilt 400NL and 600NL games, playing under the screennames "Hielko" and "Hielko007".

A graph of my results from January till August 2010 can be found here

Although it seems poker is easy reading the short summary above, it took a lot of hard work and study to get there, and I struggled with various concepts before things started to click. I encountered most pitfalls myself, got some coaching from great poker minds along the way, and now know what it takes to crush the small stakes games. I’m mostly working with students that struggle with 50NL, 100NL or 200NL. During coaching session we will focus on how to think about poker: how to analyze situations, spot leaks and figure out how to exploit them. The coaching will be tailored for every student, and will be a combination of video reviews, live sweat sessions and hand history reviews.




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