I started playing sit and gos in 2006 and once I had a 20k bankroll, I decided I was ready for 10/20 NL (ah yes, to be young and in college with no knowledge of bankroll requirements). Once I graduated college I became a 5/10 and 10/20 grinder and then, one day, after beating up a fish at 100/200 NL I propelled into higher stakes cash games. I have consistently beaten every stakes I have played (other than $500/1,000 where my 6 buy-in shot didn’t go so hot). I am primarily a heads-up player but I have had a lot of success in 6-max as well.

My big accomplishments? I won a FTOPS once! But more seriously, my main accomplishment is consistently winning at a high winrate in extremely tough games. Now I don’t play as much as I used to, so I game select but for a solid two years I played any and all opponents and rarely denied anybody action, and still had a 5 PTBB/100 winrate over my last 100k hands at 100/200 and lower (I don’t know my winrate before that because I don’t find it relevant to today’s games, hence I didn’t look it up). I stand by my results in some of the toughest games and encourage you to check out my Stars results or my FTP results. While not entirely accurate (and with the DaEvils page distorted by my 600k hit at 500/1k in 1900 hands), I think those pages provide a rough portrait of my accomplishments.

I have coached so many students it’s hard to keep track of them all. I would guess I’ve coached well over 50 students and probably closer to 100 (I’ve been doing this since back in the days of 2006). Right now I have about 7 active students who take lessons from me on a biweekly basis. My typical coaching session involves sweating students and asking them why they did what they did, while providing general feedback on their leaks. I also do video reviews to ensure they’re learning what I’m teaching them and applying it when I’m not around to sweat. Hand history discussion is also fairly common. All I can say is that my students seem to like my coaching: I offer a package deal where for a commitment of 8 or more sessions you get 10% off, and since I’ve started offering it more than half of my active students have taken me up on it.

To give you a sense for my approach to poker, I recommend if you’re a prospective heads-up student you watch my series “Headhunter” on Deucescracked. Or if you want to see my coaching in action at mid-stakes 6-max, check out Boosdooener. I am also proud of my Dear FoxwoodsFiend series, which always gets rave reviews.

These days I play mainly PLO but I follow the no-limit games closely, between lurking twoplustwo and coaching many hours a week, thus enabling me to stay abreast of trends in the current game.




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