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Hi, my name is Felix and I am a 25 year old student and professional poker player from Vienna, Austria.

Let me give you some information about myself: I started playing poker in 2008 together with a friend. I started playing 4$ 180man SNGs and soon added mtts. Early 2009 I got lucky, made a big cash, and started playing midstakes mtts with continuing sucess. It wasn't untill 2011 before I started taking cash games seriously and studying the game more profoundly. Since then I have been coached by Grindcore, IWEARGOGGLES and recently Improva. I still play Mtts on most sundays and during Wcoop and Scoop, but would consider myself mostly a cashgameplayer nowadays. I mostly play midstakes cash on Pokerstars.

For insights into my way of thinking about poker, I would recommend checking out PROgress, a series I did with Inavacuum. (link: PROGress Pilot) I do place quite some emphasis on theory, as I think it is crucial to know how a solid strategy should look like, even if you chose to try and exploit your opponents most of the time. However, a theory founded pokerplayer is one that is able to realize where his opponents are leaking and knows how to exploit them. In the first coaching session I will try and find leaks in your thinking and general strategy. We will discuss general strategy both pre- and postflop and possibly look at databases. I am then of course open to suggestions about what format you ast the student prefer, be it general discussion, video reviews or hand history discussion. Being my student, I invite you to contact me and ask questions on skype or via email any time.

I think am a valueable teacher, because the game of poker has always fascinated me and continues to do so; I spend a lot of time thinking about poker strategy and discussing it with friends, and I have been told that I am good at formulating my thoughts and pushing students to ask the right questions. My rate is considered an aproximate amount and is open for possible bundles. If you are interested, please send me a PM along with the stakes you play and wheter it is Mtts or cashgames.


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