I started playing poker in college dorm games with friends in 2002. I immediately found Texas Hold'em fascinating and turned to the Internet for easy access to games and strategy advice. I began playing for play chips on Ultimate Bet, turned a freeroll into a bankroll for penny limit games, and never looked back. Early on in my poker career I found the 2+2 books and strategy forums where I have learned much of what I know about poker, and made lifelong friends.

I often get bored of one poker game and learned to branch out so I could still have some fun while logging hands. I was lucky enough to learn 2-7 Triple Draw when it first was introduced on UB many years ago, and now consider it to be my best game. I also play Badugi and other draw games that aren't available online, and consider myself competent at most limit mixed games.

I consider my regular game to be 30/60 Triple Draw or LHE online and 100/200 live, but have played as high as 400/800 LHE and mix.

DeathDonkey is a DeucesCracked Executive Producer. He teaches both Limit Hold'em ($300/hr) and Triple Draw ($500/hr).

Q. Why poker videos? A. When I first wanted to improve at poker, I found the available literature and was able to improve my understanding of poker theory and basic concepts. But poker books are a slow way to learn because you have to interpret a single chapter that may apply to hundreds of unique situations we face in poker every day. By seeing a professional's style of play and hearing the thought processes that govern some common and some not-so-common decisions, I think you can greatly increase your understanding of poker theory and see some concrete examples of how to utilize a concept.

Q. Why make a series? A. When KRANTZ and danzasmack first came to us with the idea for a video series on specific topics, I realized that they had found a way to bridge the gap between learning poker by reading books, and the poker training videos we had already begun producing at Now you can focus on a specific niche that an entire video series will help you master. If you want to learn to play heads up, you no longer have to read a book about general limit hold'em play and try to apply the concepts to your heads up game, or hope that someone will make a video on your topic of interest. You can find expert advice and training on the area of poker you are most interested, and completely explore the topic over a season of episodes!


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