While my specialty is 6-max cash, I’ve been a winning player over the last 7 years in SNGs and MTTs too. In fact, being a DC member at various points throughout the years was something that helped massively in getting to where I am today and making my game well rounded and versatile. I’ve been coaching poker since 2010 and have made over 200 instructive videos in my poker career. I’ve taken on hundreds of students and coached many of them successfully through from microstakes to making good money at low stakes. I also teach a handful of professional higher stakes players including 5/10 and 2/5 live pros.

My strengths as a poker coach and instructor lie partially in having a strong teaching background. I used to teach English before turning to poker professionally and have always had a natural passion for teaching others. My poker-coaching ethos is that being a winning player is a necessary yet small piece of the coaching puzzle. I see all of my students as individuals with different learning needs. Finding the right way to connect with each learner and getting a grasp of their unique learning profile is key.

These days I teach poker, write about poker and play poker for a living. I’ve recently published my first instructive poker book entitled The Grinder’s Manual, which is a complete course in NLHE 6-max online cash. The book serves as an academic style textbook. My goal was that if poker were a university subject, this book would be the essential reading for the full length of at least the undergraduate degree and probably beyond. I love games of strategy in general and outside of poker I’m a keen bridge player despite not being old and retired yet! Logic and problem solving have always fascinated me. I did a degree in philosophy for that reason and it’s actually helped immensely in my poker career.


Note the following prices’ dollar price may change with the exchange rate. I use £ GBP as my main currency. My hourly rate is £70 ($102) but I much prefer selling coaching in blocks of far better value.

5 Session Package: £290 ($422)

10 Session Package: £490 ($713)

25 Session Package: £990 ($1440)

All packages come with a free half hour introduction and permanent access to my study group, which is currently 70 members strong. I also provide guidance as and when required between lessons. I see taking on a new student as a long-term project and I give all new students access to my private study group on google+. Community is incredibly important so all students are encourage to participate actively and do a lot of homework in-between sessions.

For more info on all of the above see below.

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