Hi there. I'm Babar.

I first started playing poker in college. Nickel/dime was the home game with buddies during senior year. Paradise Poker gave me a free $2 around the same time, which I built my bankroll from. Poker was a fun hobby while working a regular job after graduation. A copy of SSHE led me to the 2+2 forums, and through lots of learning and reading and posting I became a winning bonus grinder - providing a decent side income. After two years I left my job, deciding to look elsewhere, and I figured I'd play poker until I went back to school or found something new. One thing led to another, and now, four years later, I'm still a poker pro! I’m well over a million hands played and have been coaching for over two years. I grind online: 6m and fr games and also play some heads up.

2+2 led me to DeucesCracked a few years ago and over time I've learned and posted and contributed a lot on both sites. I've built up a decent amount of knowledge and contacts, and since I have always enjoyed communicating ideas and concepts, this led to me starting to coach LHE around two years ago. It's been very rewarding for me; both in seeing people improve and have breakthroughs (and sometimes go on to become much better than I am!), and in forcing me to constantly think about the game. The process of continually looking at hands from different perspectives, looking for strengths, weaknesses, patterns, and so on, has surely helped me to look at my own play more clearly as well.

I work with students playing up to 10/20 online as well as some live stakes (say up to 40/80 or so). I'd describe my coaching as theory-based, meaning I ask 'why' a lot and focus on your thought process and rationale for doing what you do. The point is to end up thinking about poker in a clear, reasoned, logical way. We will find specific leaks to work on, as well as emphasize larger themes to keep in mind both at and away from the table.

Rate: $100/hr.

Discounts: If someone does nine hours of coaching, the tenth hour is free.

My screennames: jugadorguay on Stars, apushkin on Full Tilt, raisy6daisy on Cake,and littlekittens on Merge.

I'm happy to provide graphs, more information, or more references upon request. Here is a link to my coaching thread where there is some more info. Here are my results since September 08.

Below are a few references. I'm always happy to talk about poker or coaching and I look forward to hearing from you via PM, IM (bigbadbabar), or Skype (bigbadbabar). Thanks for reading!

"I worked with BBB a few times and found the sessions very useful. He is especially good at forcing you to rationalize your decisions and hammering on major leaks. Working with BBB has improved my game both at and away from the tables. Specifically, he helped me out with avoiding tilt, ignoring results, and exploiting common player types. I was playing $2/$4 and $3/$6 before coaching and quickly moved up to $5/$10 and $8/$16. Oh, BTW, the man's got a great sense of humo[u]r!" tanglewizard

"I highly recommend BigBadBabar as a coach. I'm a mid-stakes (3/6, 5/10, 8/16) player and he quickly spotted leaks in my game and was excellent at communicating poker concepts. He'll improve your mental game as well as your technical game. Basically, he helped me find the droids I was looking for and then told me why I was looking for them." Owen fields

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"I booked BBB for 10hours of coaching and it has more than paid off. Coming from my biggest downswing on 5/T I felt it would be best to invest in coaching, which was a very good decision. I used to multitable and with BBB's help I concentrated on winrate and focussed on quality play rather than quantity. His initial analysis of my game was great and he found some topics to work on which we did in the next weeks. I strongly recommend trying to find leaks in order to transform to a better player. The biggest advantage that comes with booking BBB is that he always takes his time to help his students, and he does so even out of the paid time. I can always send him a hand I had trouble playing and he will tell me his opinion on it. In the time we worked together he helped me from breaking-even at 5/T to winning at 15/30 and even higher. Do it!" - jaybeastie




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