My name is Dani Stern, I have been a professional online poker player for almost 6 years. For most of that time, I have also provided personal coaching for students looking to learn.

My coaching methods are fairly simple and straight forward. I can watch a video of you playing, you can watch a video of me playing (and ask questions and comment along the way), or we can do a hand history/ database review. Any student of mine is always free to send me emails with any trouble hands they have had, free of charge. I frequently give extra time to any students who seem keen to learn and get better. Several of my students have become successful high stakes no limit and PLO players.

I currently am playing PLO and No Limit from 5/10 and up, both 6max and heads up. I am not the hardest worker when it comes to putting in hands, though I am working on that. I also play tournaments, and offer coaching in that. During the summer I play a full schedule of live events, and throughout the year I play in the occasional live tournament.

I offer discounted coaching packages for those who get 5 or more hours up front. Inquire with the coaching department here at DeucesCracked.




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