Hi, I'm 2fouroffsuit, I'm 26 and have been playing online poker for almost 8 years. I began my freshman year of college playing play money and 1c/2c and by the end of summer that year I was playing midstakes. I played as high as 10/20nl pre UIGEA, but my game became stagnate and I wasn't improving. Meanwhile the games got tougher and my competition got smarter. I had stopped playing as much poker, and when I was ready to play seriously again, I realized I was lost and didn't know how to regain my edge. However, I found Deucescracked when it launched in January of 2008 and was able to save my poker career. I put in hundreds of hours improving my game through watching videos, in-depth analysis, and getting coaching from some of DC's best coaches including: Foxwoods Fiend, WiltOnTilt, balugawhale, jk3a, and others.

As an active member of Deucescracked since 2008, my understanding of the NL holdem has developed tremendously. I have been a consistent winner at 200nl+ 6m and HU and have experience with many variations of no limit hold'em such as CAP/shallow games, deep stacked play, SNG's, HU SNG's, and some live full ring play.

I aim to help students struggling in micro or small stakes 6m and heads up, especially people interested in transitioning into HU play. Learning to deal with wider ranges can be a struggle for many players new to HU, and I can help adapt your hand reading and general strategies to account for this. Additionally, I can help out with many of the away from the table aspects of the game such as bankroll management, tilt control, game selection, and equity calculations. One of the aspects that I enjoy the most about poker is the depth that it offers and helping other people understand the concepts that I've come to understand myself. I truly enjoy seeing the moment when someone "gets it."

I am available to do any type of coaching session that you feel works best for you, but I'd recommend video review, particularly in heads up. A video review helps with understanding game flow, developing read throughout a match, as well as allowing for subtler leaks to be exposed. My sessions typically go a little over an hour and I am available via IM/Skype to review trouble hands that come up in between sessions. I am continually trying to improve my own play as well as my ability to teach. I'm always open to constructive feedback and work with students to see that they are getting the most out of the coaching experience.

Feel free to check out this thread for an example of some of my style of video review and hand discussion. For an example of my HU play, you can see this video where I took on DC Executive Producer whitelime at 200nl HU.

Here is a link to my PTR stats.

"I can safely say that throughout my 7+ years of grinding SSNL and MSNL, Jordan has been one of the best coaches at explaining his thoughts in a way that allows his students to develop a deeper understanding of the game. He is constantly challenging his students to learn to think rather than just do the thinking and playing for them. I feel that because of this type of coaching, I have benefited more from just a few lessons than most premier mid-high stakes poker boot camps. He is extremely personable, very patient and well respected throughout the mid-stakes poker community and I can definitely attest to him being a pretty sick heads-up player as well (just watch his video vs. Whitelime on DC). I've taken coaching from some of the best players in this industry (Whitelime, Baluga, Bobbo, etc.) and I can definitely say that anyone that he is in the top 2 or 3 for anyone looking to improve their HU or 6-max game. I highly recommend Jordan as a coach and my only regret is not taking coaching from him sooner." - Eric Thompson, pixfred




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