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Interesting hands from NAPT Mohegan Sun final table and final 2 tables

written by Vanessa Selbst DeucesCracked Coach Here are some hands I wrote up for the Cardplayer article Final Table Takedown.  These were some of my more interesting hand from the final 2 and final tables of the tournament. Hand 1: A5s is so pretty, how could you fold? So right now there are 12 people left […]

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5-betting and the Potential Bluff Range

Michael (mikej) primarily plays mid stakes NLHE 6-max and recently graduated from Cal with a degree in MSE. I. The Situation 400NL, 6-max, effective stacks of $400 Villain opens to $12 from the button, you 3-bet to $42 from the small blind with a 75s type hand, and he re-raises to $100. Should you 5-bet […]

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Nostalgic Blog Post

Many of you who read this probably don’t know me, I was a former DC coach way back when. I’ve admittedly not paid any attention to the poker world the last 3 or so years. I couldn’t tell you who the reigning WSOP champion is or who the best cash player in the world is. […]

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