May 16, 2011

Poker on the Backburner

I have had exams the past few weeks and now have to write a 25,000 dissertation so I have not been playing a lot of poker. Played live for an hour or so and won 15bbs. I left because this really a aggressive (irl not poker) regular came to the table and I just couldn't be bothered with him snapping at everyone and everything that makes a sound. Played a little online and have won a little but nothing worth mentioning. Basically I can't be bothered right now with everything going on, I guess that shows I can balance life and poker well but really I was taking poker so seriously that I am burnout and am now glad to relax and take a break. My exams were way more chill than poker! If there is one thing that poker has really given me it is a complete immunity to stress and setbacks. It seems nothing phases me anymore.
I finish my dissertation on the 3rd on June and after that all have to do is sit around so I guess I might start playing poker again but right now I'm enjoying the holiday!

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