March 30, 2011

Everyone is terrible until proven otherwise.

A few days ago I was playing live cash and I got talking to this intelligent recent graduate about poker. He tells me he plays 10NL Rush and says you can't get reads and it can't be beat. I asked him what his stats were and they were all standard but he says its impossible to win due the super high rake. I was just shocked that he though the reason he couldn't win was because the rake, obviously its higher than bigger stakes but everyone is so terrible it just seems crazy to me. Anyway whilst playing with him live i thought he pretty bad and suffered from FPS in a lot of spots like a lot of other 'thinking micros players'. 

The first episode of 'The Thin Red Grind' really exemplifies my thoughts on micro players. They just do goofy stuff sometimes. Mike Caro called it Loose Wiring in his book and its a concept that you really have to understand to win at micros and SSNL Live cash. I approach the every game thinking everyone who is playing is retarded until proven otherwise. I don't run massive bluffs or any shit like that, play it straight up and you will crush. If you come across a player who you know is good either avoid them like the plague or adjust. Playing live cash over the last year or so I have come across less then 10 players I respect, maybe less than 5.

I truly believe if you approach games where most players are recreational/bad regs you will see a lot more success then trying you out level everyone all the time. Not to mention its a lot less taxing. 

As for my results I cash out everything but $10 online because I had to work but have spun it up to $90 playing 5NL Rush and have also had 2 small winning live sessions. I'm still 10bi down from my highest point in live cash but I don't feel any rush to win any more right now so don't really care.

I am taking a break from studying today so I'm going to try and break $110 then take a 2bi shot at 10NL Rush.

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