March 03, 2011

Month Review- No Graphs

Well it has been a swingy month. I got a ton of school work to do and played a lot of live poker so I didn't play as many hands online as I had originally intended. The month started badly then I upswung like crazy and double my online roll to $500. Then last Friday after a long day at school, having not drunk or eaten anything up to that point and with a massive headache I decided to play some poker. I made a bad bluff at 10NL so I double it stakes, then lost and doubled again, then again and then again. I lost $280 in like 10 mins. After that, dejected due to my lack of control I got up and stopped playing. Since then I have been grinding back up and I finished with around $30 profit for the month :(

Looking forward I have my exams in 2 months and therefore will barely play in April. I am already on the leader board for the 'Challenge Durrrr' thing and am going to play those freerolls and hopefully luckbox something. 

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