February 06, 2011

New goal

Because I can beat bigger games live I have felt rushed to grind up a roll online so I can play for decent money. This feeling has lead to be playing way too many hands at the same time, this has caused me to play badly and tilt and lose money. Therefore instead of rushing to reach a hand goal and certain bankroll quickly I am just going to take it as it comes. My new goal us to just play as well as I can and maximise my long term expectation as much as possible.Since adopting this approach I have been playing much better and have had a 6 buyin upswing in less than 2000 hands. The Eightfold Path  to Poker Enlightenment video series have definitely helped me to enter this better state of mind. 

Posted By ZOMGDavidCarradine at 04:44 PM


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