December 08, 2010

Prepare yourself

So I had my first skype conversation with Jamie yesterday and it was really good, he sort of spent an hour gathering information about me and how I am thinking about poker and life in general, what problems I have and all kinds off stuff. And then we talked about what stuff I should work more on and what things most pokerplayers struggle with ie. consistency (spel?). You want to be in controll of poker, you dont want poker controlling you. To put yourself in the drivers seat you want to create a schedule for yourself so that you get a regular sleep schedule and you want to eat at the same times each day, add some exercise and some focus exercises and your on a good way to crushing whatever stakes you want :) 

So for me, the biggest things to improve upon is to start exercising more and to get in controll of my sleep schedule, and also to commit to 2 "poker routines" every day, the pre game routine where you prepare yourself for a session, and the post game routine that is sort of an evaluation of the day. I will do this from now on, 100% of the time, and I will let you guys know how it work out. 

I have a tip for you, I sat at my tables and had a really laggy player to my right, i thought, i had about 6k hands on this guy and he played something like 33/27. But after an hour or so i realized that this player was playing way tighter than that so i filtered my hud to only show the last 4 months in the Hud-display. he had played 23/20 for the last 4 months without me knowing it. So go to your hud-filters and adjust that imo.

Ill end this with one off the best quotes ever:

People think its easy to be a genius, but its not so fun to live in a world full of idiots


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December 07, 2010

Going to have a session with Jamie Glazier

Jamie Glazier is a mindcoach for those who dont know, ive watched his vids that he has on his homepage and they are realy great, recomended. I think his nick here att deuces is MindGuru, I´l let you know how the session was.

I havent played any poker in 3 days so Im going to start a session now, anyway here is my graph last 2 days i played. Its 1/2 and 2/4 only. 13..5bb/100

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December 04, 2010

How small things can make big difference

So, after my session with baluga yesterday, ive been playing my best poker since january, wich is kind of sick imo. But if you have ever had a session with him you know what im talking about, he just picks on your mind, making YOU talk about why you did this and why you did that and then it comes a simple little question and like magic you sit there and have nothing to say but "i have no idea why i did that, that is just wrong". A perfect example of this is from our very first session when i played 100nl back in jan-09 (i wasnt the best player then i can tell you that)  and I folded what i think was something like middle pair on the flop and he asks "why". I started talking about some stuff and suddenly i said "i just think he is going to bluff me so often, that I cant call". wich makes no sense at all obv. So this is an advice for all of you who plays lowstakes, start to write down your thought about things, or even better start talking about every little spot that you get into. And ask yourself why why why.

The best thing from this coaching session tho, was that I got my confidence back, I just know that i will crush these games now, nothing can stop me.

Also, the question about somtimes calling AK AQ etc oop vs 3b. I can tell you this, its not a question for me anymore, it makes sense.

/ Pontus

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December 03, 2010

First post

So im starting my own blog now after what is probably one year of "I should probably start a blog, meh ill do it soon".

I dont really know what im going to write about yet but its obv going to be alot of pokerstuff on here, just getting some of my thoughts in print will probably be very good for me.

For those who dont know ( prob most of you dont know ) im from sweden and im currently playing 2/4 nl and im a "product" of the great balugawhales coaching program, i ran trough the stakes in -09 after reciving a decent amount of coaching from him in the beginning of the year. -10 has been a rough year with alot of (bad) stuff happening outside of poker wich have lead to a spiral of tilt and frustration, this blog is a part of my comback and ill keep updates on my progress, starting out with a coaching session with Andrew in just a few hours.


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