January 08, 2015

wild wednesday

so the plan of attack for wednesday

-play abc poker

-No crazy bluffs in first hour

-No loose preflop calls with average hands before i get reads

-No loose preflop raise

-get reads on each player at the table in the first 30-40 minutes

So I bought in for 300 instead of 200 as it gave me alittle more wiggle room as these games are usually loose and agressive, first thing i noticed that it did and i was a lot more comfortable playing with the extra 100

Was getting somevery decent hands KK,AK,AJ in the early part of the session so i guess my image was loose and aggreessive but i had noted that so was not over playing it.

first notable hand of the night was JJ

Utg raise to 10 so i went to 3bet to 26 but miss counted chips and only put out 21!!! idiot i was thinking the PFR the 4 bets me to 75!!! was a easy fold I didnt have to get it in here as i am only really beating a bluff and at best flipping with AK so i fold face up some of the players were shocked then the guy rolls over KK pat on the back there, Maybe I should of only flatted and see a flop there but as with these game i felt better to 3 bet and take it from there.

2nd hand JJ again!!!

In Mp a few limpers I raise it up too 14, 4 runners to the the flop

Flop QQ7 2 clubs

hero bet out 26 a little on a the low side as i usually like to bet 2/3 pot most often than not when i c-bet(is this a leak i dont really know??)

1 caller who has postion on me

turn is 8 clubs

hero??? (decided to check and see what villain was going to do) I didnt really like to double barrell here as i am only really beating a bluff and the villain seem decent enought and hadent done anything out of line yet.

villain raises, He wants to bet 50 or so but know i wont call so decides to bet 20!!! at this point i am putting him on a flush or at worst a Q.

I laugh as call

river is the case Q 

hero??? (should i be betting here for value or am I only going to get called byt the Q) hero ends up checking as does villain JJ holds up, after the hand the villain ask if i fold to a $50 bet on the turn i say yeah i was pretty clear you got the flush.

This is when it starts to get crazy. aggro Donk is opening every hand 25-30 and people are just waiting to get it in, i am in the SB with 77, villain opens to 35 hero repops it to 90 villain shoves for 214 hero calls

hero 77 vs villains J 10 off

villain jags a 10 on  the flop and takes it down.

next hand i am steaming i look down at A8 spades again villain pops it 35-40 hero repops it too 115 guy next to me calls the Donk shoves hero calls guy next too me calls

A8 vs Donk with J4 spades vs guy with QQ

QQ takes it down I guess i am putting it down too tilt but I did have the better hand against the donk but I should be looking at what hand i am going to push against him i am thinking that A8spades has to be at the bottom of that range.

had to listen to Samurai shampoon to relax which did to a certain degree but i think those hands really put me off my game,

3rd hand KQoff

Hero is in LP few limpers before me i make it 11 to go

UTG limper makes it 40

hero thinks about it and calls

flop comes Q94 2 diamonds

villain checks

hero ???? (makes it 56)

villain jams for 160

hero calls

villain shows AA and they hold up

Horrible read, player has been solid is certainly not bluffing there with worst is the 3rd time now that someone has limp reraises me with big pockets so far on this trip I should know now that when they do it they got big hand I got lucky against the other 2 hand when i Had 66 vs Qq i hit the straight and 66 vs Kk again hitting the straight

Preflop I have postion but what kinda hands is this guy 3 betting with JJ+ AK at best I am up aginst JJ and even then that is a flip shoudl just let it go and move on instead i called and then i hit the flop with TPTK the guy checks then shoves on me, is just screaming AA,KK or even QQ at worst AK 2 diamonds but i had the K diamonds so that hand is kinda ruled out.

1 thing i noticed last night and now thinking about it is that i pay people of way too light I always think that they are bluffing me or they got a worst hand but they dont i have to start to respect the cards more even if the player is a fish.

tightened up a lot after that, was down to me last 130 or so out of 600!!! kinda getting desperate but not out of it yet. I know i am better player than most of the people there just have to start playing a lot smarter

So i get AJ off on the button i raise it up to 13 preflop as we are playing short hand(5-6 i cant really remember) the girl who is a pretty decent player makes it 40 to go 2 other people cold call. I think she might be making a more or maybe she got a hand like 99+ A10+ and want to take it down. I know she is a thinking and player and that i am raising on the button almost 100% of the time(I did just happen to have a decent hand on the button everytime AK like 3-4 time mid to big pocket pairs etc)

I know i cant just call because my hand is pretty weak I dont like folding here either just seems weak as well, but what are the other people calling with?? i just think about allt he dead money in the pot and just Jam!! in hind sight was pretty loose the girl then goes all in which is not that great as she has me dominated hard and i am in big trouble

I show my crappy AJ off

the girl shows AK ace of spades

flop Q54 all spades i got no spades turn is a J of clubs and the river bricks

so i hit my 2 outter she was not too happy about it but i guess i got to get lucky sometimes

i got dealt K10 off suit and decide to raise UTGtoo 7 which is just horrible play and something that i dont do usually as i have gotten that kinda play out of my system. 5 callers flop is K high with 2 diamonds i bet 2/3 pot of flop get 2 callers one of the callers is a calling station to my left and the other guy i decent player to my right i am a lot more worried about the guy to my right than left. turn was brick i bet about 50 into pot again 2 callers this has me worried that the guy on the right has a set and is trapping me, river is a brick and i elect to bet 26 which in hind sight is shit if they have me beat they are most likey going to raise me and i am just bloating the pot i guess i thought that i was ahead and that i wanted to get pair off maybe should be betting more for value or just checking there as it is pretty thin.

i played pretty tight aggressivea little too much as i got called down by bottom pair on a 28856 board after i bet preflop,flop,turn and gave up on the river I was not thinking about what the guy was calling me with i was just blasting away trying to get him to fold as my image was pretty bad

But i think my image is what made me get paid off big time on the last major hand of the night

In LP with J10 off few limpers as normal and hero makes it 14

4-5 callers cant be sure

pot 60ish


AKQ 2 hearts

checks to me I know my image is bad so i elect to bet here again 2/3 pot I am pretty 1 person has and ace if i am lucky they have a set or 2 pair. So hero bet 47

1 caller the old man next too me now i am putting him on something like AK,AQ,AJ mayeb even A10,

Pot is about 150

turn is a 8 heart

hero has the J of heart so I thought even if he got it i might have out unless he got the K high flush then i am drawing dead.

I elect to bet 115 i bet this amount as i will shove the river more often than not.

villain then goes all in for not sure on how much more but maybe 190-200 ish

hero snaps calls. I dont think i really have much choice here as I think i Have committed myself I then ask villain if he got the flush he shakes his head and shows AK

river is a Q and hero wins a  780 pot and for the first time after the DONK disaster i am ahead

it was lucky that i won that pot at that time as i was going to leave at 3 am and it was 2.50am lol i have noticed that my max is 5 hours of playing and that my play just get worst from there per sesssion

overall i put my play a B

if i didnt play/lose  against the DONK i think i would of been ok but when players are like that i cant help myself and just want to take there money, should be looking at getting it in better spot than flips etc

things that i think i did well

tighten up preflop a lot was playing postion well but mabye a little too aggressive on the button made some good lay downs. I valued betted my good hands against the fish well

thing sthat i think i didnt so well

calling off too light, alwasy thinking that players are bluffing me

tilting and playing overall worst when i take a beat or get unlucky



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