January 07, 2015

tightass tuesdays

went to casino today being a tuesday i didn't expect it too busy and the games to but a little tougher

bought in for the usual 200 which i think these days is just not enough maybe start to come in for 300 just to give myself a little more wiggle room

started of horrible once again calling of my stack on a marginal hand against an unknown player at the table thought he was raising a little light but still not a great play as didn't have many reads on the player.

 then came the Q3 hand, was a bit of a light preflop raise but then hit 2 pair on the flop bet 2/3 pot 2 callers turn was a J making the flush draw started o get scared and just checked called a decent size bet but not that bad consider there was 2 players in the hands stil the river put the 4 heart out there to make it 4 heart on the board and i fire out 2/3 pot when i didnt have a heart is a crazy bet as i am usually goin g to get called by 1 player loose player shoves on me so i fold wasting 80 when i should of checked folded. in my mind i was telling me to check fold but i didnt listen to myself and fired out what an idiot.

I really needed to slow down at that point no rush better to get reads on players first then act on it not act out and see what happens

Overall i put my play at a C there werer moments of brillance but so many things that need to be fixed first

J9 hand was just plain bad and is a big reason i am loosing

limp calling 15 with J9 against tilting fish 1 other cold calls

flop A 10 7 

fish fires out 20

1 cold call

hero calls??? maybe should be raising or folding here but is just screaming fold

turn is a Q 

fish goes all in for 60 

1 cold call

hero ?????  again should be folding here the other coldcaller did have another 120 behind so i was thinking that if i hit my straight i would win

river is 8

colder caller shoves 

hero calls 

cold caller shows KJ for nuts and i lose 

I should be folding preflop,flop,turn to save me money as with the flush hand i am just shoving money in trying to get lucky but should be getting my money in while i am in good shape

playing too loose passive or loose aggressive with no real game plan just calling too much.

did play a few hand quite well but overall i need to think about what i am doing

calling off stacks early in the session against relative unknown players is a bad play have to build some idea about the players first 

was cbetting well if heads up or 2-3 players was cbetting/double barrelling well i have improved well on that front 

if multiway would only cbet when i had a decent hand so was not too bad in that spot either

the table was tough as there was a lot more decent players than usual the girl and 2 guys next too her are decent regs there didn't play much against them  

folding the AA on the super dry board was pretty happy as player said he had set made me feel good that i now know i can lay down super strong hands in good spots just need to get batter at that than stack of with weak holding 

unlucky against short stack when had KK vs J9 but got lucky when he had KK vs 66 so karma is a real thing lol

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