August 22, 2016

Monday 22nd Aug 2016

Todays plan is to go through my poker database and look at my preflop game and flop cbetting

The requirements that I will be looking at are

pot is bigger than 20bb

Pot was raise Preflop

After going thought just the Early Position there was only 18 hands that came up under the above filters

things that needed to be fixed

-Calling too light

-calling big bets off with average holding with little reads (AJ on A73 after being C/R shoved on)
-cbetting on wet boards with underpairs (KK on AJ9dds board)
-calling 3 bets with SC OOP
-2nd barrell with little/no equity
-If bluffing turn/river must be 3/4(not 1/2) PSB on both cards

things to maintain
-Value betting well when ahead
-good 4 bet size
-constant preflop raise/range

time today spent studying 1 hour 10 minutes

total time spent studying this week 1 hour 10 minutes

played 58 hands today

total hands played this week 58

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August 22, 2016

getting back into the game

This is my new blog

plan for the week is to study/play at least 10 hours before friday night where i plan to play cash game at the casino

given that I got hammered Last friday night as I was just playing below par

some of the reason why I played bad where

-being too aggressive

-not reading my opponents well-giving them too much credit or no credit at all

-not taking my time to thing about the hand

Short terms Goals(weekly)

-study at least 10 hours a week

-play at least 1000 hands 6max per week

Medium Term(monthly)

-review my play

-try to evaluate my game and fix major leaks in my game

Long term(3 months)

-move up in online 6 max stakes

-crush live game

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March 07, 2015

variance is a bitch

7th March

1st session

warm up: was ok thought about plan off attack etc what I plan to work on today was cbetting and ranges

1st hour

89off calling fro a gutshot and 2 over on a limped pot on the flop and turn was a bit too loose

AQ off thought it was too tight to fold on flop but not strong enough to raise should raise preflop or maybe fold pre but given villains ranges from LP I was playing too scared 

89 was silly bluff against unknown player and I had no equity in the hand

45 clubs in BB I felt I played well was nice semi-bluff on turn and good river bluff sizing.

2nd hour

got Ak back to back first one played ok, second one flop was way too wet and given villains ranges was good to check was folding too a bet on turn, as villain checked I bet trying to rep a flush or a big draw but villian is calling most hands river bet just look weak should be check/folding given villains ranges.

AK against UTG raise I like my 3 bet sizing but need to cbet flop after checking hand just screams AK and I missed didn't mind calling turn bet as was small and I think I would get paid if i hit.

10-6 hand just silly bluff trying to rep the 8 against villain who just beat me in the previous pot I think I was trying to get my money back or try and make a crazy move but didn't really have much reads on villain as he had not shown and hands at showdown.

went through mental game, relaxed won a  few small pots.

Overall play was Ok started to get into some old bad habits,

:calling with off suit connectors, 

:doing random bluffs against unknown villains, 

;not calling for right odds

2nd session

warm up: not that great really didn't get into the zone.

1st hour

Big river bluff, call on the flop was not that great calling 70 into a pot of 170 for straight draw thought I had implied odds, river bet I thought was good trying to rep the flush I think if Villain didn't hit his second pair on the river he folds more often than not.

AQ thought I played OK got out flopped but had flush draw against short stack, was happy with c-bet and calling as I think I am ahead of range more often than not.

Lost big pot with 2 pair vs flush draw & pair, thought about raising on the flop but given villains 3 bet range thought I was ahead, turn he shove I am pretty happy with the call 65/35 as he hit the Q on the turn and rivers the flush!!! bit of variance just hurts when it goes the other way.

reloaded, didnt really play many hands which was kinda good after getting slammed with variance.

K9 clubs raises pre as in CO playing 6 handed 4 callers happy with c-bet given that I had a flush draw, the villain would call with any J  3 or flush draw. I hit the turn K maybe slow down for pot control but like the SPR so easy push on turn I river the flush but villain had flopped boat with J3!!!

last hand of the night limped with Q9 off on the button, tek raises from the blinds to 30 which does not really mean muchas range is super wide, 1 other caller, I call

flop is 3of clubs6of spades9of spades

Tek bets 60, jenny calls, I have 230 so is either push or fold, I elect to push as villain ranges are too wide so I could be good right now and might have enough fold equity that I can take it down. jenny calls with 78 spades and river straight which kinda sums up my night.

At this point I was down and out and left,I Just think that it was one of those night where variance is a bitch.

I start to play a little worst (calling wider preflop and getting drawn into hands I am not really comfortable playing either OOp or Ip with poor cards) which makes the variance worst and then I play a little worst etc till my game is just bad.

Overall I would say I played C

play generally got worst as variance kicked i, losing big hand against Ozzy hurt did recover ok but nver really playing MY A game was making decent folds but still making small mistakes that are costing me.

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February 25, 2015

Saturday 21st Feb

plan of attack for today was have a big decent session and see how I handle things

1st hour

started at 6pm which is a little different for me, I didnt really do a good warm up session kinda rushed it. Didn't really think about what I planned to work on tonight and just thought about the baseline things (preflop,stacks,odds,mental game) overall 1st hour went well nothing really major got lucky when short stack shove on low flop I called after I made cbet and spiked a K on the river. thought i was ahead of the players range most of the time.

2nd hour

3 betting little light with A9 off after guy 2 position to my left raised pretty loosely was happy with raise but got a few too many callers hit the A of the flop with a 9 high flush draw but got massive check raised and I left the hand go.

3rd hour

start the run of being very card dead played pretty much 2-3 hands in the whole hour. Lost with KK against calling station who calls OOP with A9 off hit 2 pair when heads up on A9x board I did check back on the flop,when villain checked 2nd time thought i was ahead, tried to get some value and ended up paying the guy off.

played 52 suited well tried to steal with a big raise preflop but as usual got a few too many callers, I did check the flop as did everyone else as was a lowish flop A hit on the turn then i bombed it and took it down was quite happy with how I played it.

4th hour

still card dead,folding well is frustrating but good poker. played AQ ok against calling station he just isnt laying down top pair or better to c bet maybe should check back the turn and evaluate the river.

5th hour

Nice win with AA was kinda lucky with so many callers preflop SPR was good so got it all in on the turn, playing great TAG

getting loose with preflop calling raise with Q8 club for 20 then calling 3 bet of 70 maybe a little bit of boredam and hoping to hit big and get stack of guy.

6th hour

tighten up a fair bit but playing position well not trying any crazy moves as table is very loose and aggressive, playing great poker reads are good

getting a little loose preflop need to tighten up, AJ hearts hand was a bit loose I had out but still way too much variance. Should most likely fold to 3 bet but since I was certain there was going to 2 other callers. call on the flop was loose but as villians range was huge not that bad of a call I think.

7th hour

playing a little loose am getting tired making a few mistakes preflop calling a little wider

8th hour

folding a lot nothing really happening

played JJ bad not beating much on the river

left at 2.25

overall review

I think today session was a great example of being card dead there was times me folding for 15-20 hands in a row when facing raises etc. for that I can say great job,

I think i only played 2 hands poorly the AJ as should fold the flop more often given the stack sizes. and the JJ hand as I was beating nothing with 8855x board.

up till the point where i paid off Pete I think I was playing A+ game just thought the fact that I was folding very well and not really getting into any tough decisions. which gave the free mental energy to look at other parts of my game. while I did have a long session I dont think it did that well after 6 hour or so I think for future sessions I should be either splitting them up (6pm-9pm then 11pm-2-3am) as i have done in the past as it gives me sometime to relax and not get mentally tired) or just show up 8pm then play till 2am.I also have the decided when I am going to leave and make the move to just get up and leave and not feel guilty, If I got up early on the last few sessions I would of won another $3000-$4000 which is killing my win rate. while the figure of $500 is good I dont really want too just book a $500 win when the game is really good where i can win a lot more but on the flip side I dont want to stay and then donk off winnings and ended up leaving down, something to really look into 

over the session was B+/A- I didnt really make that many mistakes but still making them that are costing me dearly as is the nature of the game

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February 21, 2015

2nd Week of feb

12th Feb

Overall play seemed ok am still making a few little mistakes like calling down light,raising with poor hands in EP etc. was value betting well and c-betting great made a decent lay down was unlucky that had the same hand (AK) but given the history with player that it was the bottom of his range.

overall Play B

13th Feb

Played ok, made a few bluffs as I thought player was weak,just didn't bet enough or maybe should not bluff as player has a habit of calling down TP a lot

Was value betting a lot very well so ran my stack up very well as I had a great run of cards I think I should of left at 2am when i planned too and not stick around as I was getting tired, which is a big problem that I have . I need to have the guts just to get up and leave and not fell guilty

overall play at time A other times C- so overall B/B+

14th Feb

started the night so well got a few good hands and ran my stack up well, then things started to go wrong trying to outplay a drunk women and paying her off with Air. there are a number of things that I did wrong such as

Bluffing too much- people where playing way too loose and calling down super light, I should of taken notice of this and not get frustrated and start firing of bullets with air.
C betting was too much- as above should be value betting don't be afraid to give up now and then

Raising with average card in wrong position - these are the types of things that are holding me back from being a decent player, going back into my old style of play. the added effect of the other problems just compounded the errors and was costing me dearly in the end

Calling small preflop raising with average cards- even thought I might be getting a good price I have to learnt just to fold and move on and wait and be patience. getting roped into a hand that I didn't really want to play in the first place was costing me bad ( J8-Q9 kinda hands $15 pre, 20-30 once i hit a flop with a pair or draw, calling the turn for 30-50 then having to fold river or worst paying 50-60 cause I am getting a decent price and I might just be good ends up costing me 60-100+ when I should just Fold cause of poor position)

Being way too aggressive- just bombing the flops,c-betting way too much people are going to start to call down lighter because they are just not going to believe me that I have something, no problems IF i have a hand but with little too no equity just wasting money.

mental game just went out the window, I didn't have my alarms set so was not taking breaks to re-evaluate my game, play was just overall poor and was real disappointing in my play, after I did well the last few session to improve my self I think this was a great wake up call about what I had really learnt over the last few weeks.

Overall I would put the play at E+/D- 

had a great start and maybe I should of left early when up but the game was great too play just played it poorly and then tilted.

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February 21, 2015

20th Feb

20th Feb

In for 800 out 427.5

did warm up,

1st hour

playing OK nothing real special up and down 100 or so. getting a decent read on players. felling OK

2nd hour

Lost AA vs 10 10 short-stack no biggie went thought mental game just shook it off.

bleeding chips slowly, feeling OK No real big hands.

3rd hour

Bad preflop call with 79 off for 25 against poor player. really card dead ended up leaving early due too work.

Overall play

Even thought I lost I thought I played pretty well, I was folding great didn't get frustrated being card dead for a very long time. I didn't try to make any crazy plays, I did make a few loose preflop calls but I did tighten them straight away. Was a little tired but still playing a pretty good game overall I would rate play as B+ things that I need to start working on are C-Bets and trying to put players on ranges.

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February 21, 2015

19th Feb

Thursday 19th Feb

In for 1000 out for 1450

did poker warm up, feeling good going into tonight session

1st hour 

Played well preflop. playing well not any hard spots so far.

2nd hour

Playing OK, played 9 10 suited hand OK didn't go crazy used position well didn't mind calling 4 bet as i thought I was getting a good price. Q6 hand played OK till river should be check/folding not betting as only really beating a draw and playing was most likely going to call. Folding well preflop.

3rd hour

10 10 hand not really happy how it played out, calling preflop too wide with connectors, Peeling flop a little too much with air. Got lucky on runner runner straight and got paid well then won massive pot with set of 9's overall.


Overall I would say I played C+/B- game was folding well just have to start fixing small mistakes which are costing me. C-betting a little too much have to start thinking about what the other player has and what they think I have.

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February 08, 2015

weekend total review

Thing that I learnt this week

  1. Warming up before play while only taking 5-10 minutes is great to get me into my poker-zone
  2. Trying to work on 1-2 things at a time while playing is good this week it was all about preflop play and not tilting
  3. I think that taking a quick 5 minute break every hour so did well for my game as I went to the toilet had a quick break reflected on my play for the last hour rather than the session as a whole, It also game me time to write notes about that hour rather than trying to remember the whole session, it gave me a good insight to how I play over the night
  4. Folding Preflop makes it easier for me to think about other things, So when I do get into a hand I am not mentally drained from playing so much.
  5. Mental side of poker is just important as poker itself, while I didn't win much $$$ this Friday and Saturday I thought overall my poke play has reached a new level
Things that I need to do this next week

  1. keep studying poker , just cause I played well for 1 week it doesn't  mean I am going to play like that always. I want to get to the point where I dont even think about Preflop poker it is just happening with out me thinking about it
  2. I have to start putting players on ranges, and give them profiles (calling station,tight, rocks) while i can do this for most of the regs as i have played against them a lot need to keep doing this as it will make my life easier so when it come to the tough decision I wont be mentally tired 

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February 08, 2015

Saturday 7th Feb

1st hour

was like a roller coaster only 2 hands of importance they were the Jof diamonds10 of diamonds and 77

Jof diamonds10of diamonds 

so I raised UTG to 20 which straight away is bad and is something I need to get away from even thought it is my favourite hand UTG that is a fold

on the flop I hit TP i cbet out I get one caller Pete turn brings the flush I check he fires out I call river puts another the 4th club out there and from is reaction I thought he was weak so I fire out a good value bet even thought it was a bluff, he moans and calls with a weak 2 pair even thought there is 4 clubs and a 4 card straight on the board so I know from now on that he will call me very light so dont try to bluff and value bet him to death.

The next hand I got 99 in BB a pretty tight player raises to 25, 1 or 2 cold caller I look down at 99 I am thinking that I only have 150 left so elect to Shove and hope that If he calls it will be a flip at best. All fold to him and he calls with QQ and they hold up I think to myself that I am starting to tilt so go back to my mental game plan, take a few breaths inject logic and calm down. down 500 within the first 30 minutes not a good start to the evening.

Get 77 a few hands later hit set and get a decent size pot of about 1300-1400 hand pretty much played itself out.

2nd hour

Played good tight poker, got a little funky with 83 hit a dream board of 33K and got 2 good street of value I did check the river hoping for Pete to fire out with the plan of check/raising him but he decided to check back. miss a little bit of value there but have to mix it up a little now and then. With these game i think it might just be better to bet for value then trying to mix it up too much.

3rd hour

Card dead for most of the session only 1 hand of note and that was 66 i like my raise Preflop, c bet was OK and board was dryish but i think that I should check back the turn as I had position and evaluate the river instead of double barrelling and having to fold to the check raise on the turn 

4th hour

Paid donkey off with KJ all in Preflop for 260 it kinda hurt but was happy to get it in as he was shoving any 2 for the last few hands, he just happen to have AJ!!! maybe should be only doing this with a little tighter range than KJ???

Was pretty card dead for most of the session So was folding a lot as this was great practice which is good 

5th hour

Playing tight, was feeling OK, was getting a little board as short handed but folding well not trying to make any crazy plays 

6th hour

getting a little loose in LP but folding well to draws without correct odds to call. Tried to bluff a short-stack but when called shut-down straight away

7th hour

Making a lot fo little mistakes like calling OOP with 1 gappers,offsuit connectors etc was bluffing at the pots way too much with little to no equity and it was costing me bad, was playing poor position. This is the type of thing I need to get out of my system.

Overall things I learnt today

Dont play tired leaving after a certain time will make things a little easier as I wont be making the 1% that are costing me.

If bluffing have some type of equity too fall back on if get called

Need to start putting players on ranges etc

folding very well I didn't really get into many tricky spots because of that and the spots that I did was because I was playing with average cards in the wrong position.

Folding well I didn't get bored trying to make any crazy moves or start opening my range because I wasn't playing playing a lot.

Overall play I put at B-/B but the last hour C-/D 


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February 06, 2015

fresh start and a new look at poker

so after a week of reading mental game of poker after the beating I took last weekend i am taking a new approach to poker trying to avoid getting upset and tilting

there was a few thing i had decided before i sat down how to approach the game they were

1) start at 8pm instead of 6pm as i get tired and end of session and make silly mistakes

2) every 45 minutes review how i am playing

3)eat at about halfway thought session

4) think about preflop/position/odds and mental strategy 

overall i felt that my play was a B+ A-

I didn't make many mistakes in the first few hours at all only 1 comes to mind that was being aggressive with a draw against a calling station.

took a big hit during the 5th 45 minutes session with AK off

utg raises to 20 4 callers

hero raises to 105

PFR shoves for 525

maniac then re-shoves for 600ish 

hero snaps calls

I think I would folded to the PFR shove just because I was at best flipping but with the maniac getting involved it was cost me 400 to 1200ish so there was plenty of dead money in the pot as it turned out PFR had KK and maniac had K 10 diamonds flop was 899 2 spades so I had an back door flush draw turn was 3 spades so on the river was any spade any ace river was brick but was not that tilted which kinda surprised me.

I went back to my mental game theory took my deep breaths and injected logic that I was happy to get my money in as I was getting good odds to win the pot and that it was only variance. Straight away i was back playing my game like nothing had happened which really shocked me as usually I would be tilting hard and thing would go off the rails was only down 100 from original buy in of 500 so was in a pretty good moved after losing a 1700 size pot.

got a big unlucky with AJ vs AK i think i played it well trying to trap and when i hit the river i was going to pay him off more often than not with 2 pair

got straight back into the game again and chipped up too 1200 K2 suit hand

mp raises to 10 i am in the BB with K2 spades after 5-6 callers I call

Flop 2 7 6 2 spades i bet out 35 1 callers

turn is a K 

hero bets out 75

villain repops it too 275 hero flats calls I think i should probably re pop it here as i am beating a lot of villains range but i elect to just call

river is a Q spades and hero shoves for 575 i thought villain is super strong here and would call in hind sight a bet of 400 would get called after he river 2 pair so i think i missed value there but is hard to villain on range since he plays so wide and aggressive

other major hand for the night was A9 hearts

lots of limps hero is on button with A9hearts i elect to limp i was temping to raise but decided not too thinking that there was some people waiting to 3 bet

both blind check 

flop is 10 7 6 2 hearts

ep bets out 35 

4 callers

hero raises it up too 225

loose guy calls for 70% of his stack 

maniac goes all in for 450

Lp folds 

hero calls 

Ep calls for rest of stack

pot is approx 1500

turn is 9 

river is a brick

maniac show 8 5 off for turns straight

other guy show A7 

so was a bit disappointed that i lost that one as i had heaps of equity on the flop going into that one

but again i didn't tilt hard that i usually would as i was happy getting my money with the equity I read my statements about variance take a deep breath then inject logic and moved on and continued playing. i guess with the fact that i was still up at the time might have played some fact in it. but it has shown that i can fight thought the tilting stage and play great poker straight after taking a big pot beating.

i was getting a little loose late in to the last few hours nothing too crazy trying to steal straddle of 15 and cold call with a 3 bet to 105 with 9 J off then Sb re popping it 225  i should of just given up there and then but elect to call.

I think i called as i was not really thinking that well as was getting tired and start to level myself but thinking that the villain know that i am trying to steal so that he will try to steal himself. hero calls

flop come 10 3 A

villain bets out 300 or so 

hero hollywoods and folds 

villain shows JJ

villain ask what i had i said QQ didn't believe me but i made a convincing story of that i wasn't beating anything KK,AK,AQ and TT had me crush

and this point they play last 3 hands i fold out and end up booking 42.7 win after nearly 8 hours of play.

I could of been up over 3k or more if i got lucky. 

I think that this session i play some of the best poker i have in a log while as i set out goals that i wanted to achieve before i played and that i did pretty well to do that

1) start at 8pm instead of 6pm as i get tired and end of session and make silly mistakes.

well starting at this time was great as i usually get tired about 1.30-2ish and struggle but today was playing up too 3 and was feeling great the games that start at 6 are not that great usually will have to review this every now and then

2) every 45 minutes review how i am playing

was a great, was giving my mind a rest even if it wasnt every 45 on the dot. great to review the last session rather than reviewing the whole night

3) eat at about halfway thought session

i didnt do this and maybe that effected me in the end as i was getting a little peckish

4) think about preflop/position/odds and mental strategy 

I think this is what i got out of the session most i was thinking about preflop a lot as this is an area that cost me money the most as i get in to tough spots i should not really be in. I thought i play position overall well there are time that i made a few loose limp utg or Ep and there was a lot of Loose button limps that didnt really do well.

the mental strategy was a great thing to see work in action and will become a staple part of my game. not tilting after loosing big pots feels great and is something that i can get used too but will have to keep working on

overall i think i got a lot out of my session even thought i was up at some point 700-800 i was playing great poker and learnt a lot about me, I will have to keep review my play and keep studying.  

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