May 05, 2011

My tilt

I'm writing this post as some kind of therapy, about my tilt. I didn't have a big tilty day or a session lately, it's not because of that. The reason is that i still have tilty moments during sessions and i hope that i can understand the root of that. 

Tilt is a big issue for every player on every level and it's a continous fight with our ego. When i started my poker career i immediately realized that i'm affected a lot, at that time i didn't know that it's the so called TILT. But i digged myself into the topic and got to know about this.

I did have big tilty sessions and was affected a lot by results, bad beats, bad play, coolers, fishes etc. I'm a hot temper personality and it's much worse for a guy like me. I had 5-6 BI losing days and had to be honest with myself that i could have saved a lot of money with proper tilt handling, stop-loss. And with good play of course. These days are over and I've improved a lot. It's a psychological issue and without handling this you cannot be a professional player, needless to say that it's my aim.

So, still there are thigs which tilt me and things which not anymore. 

My tilt:

1. Berating the fish: I keep this as my biggest problem, I'm writing into the chat and berating the lunatic fishes. Why? It just doesn't make any sense. From Tommy Angelo we know that we should regard them as human beings. I should be grateful that they're donking, limping and playing horrible. I shouldn't make them leaving instead. I'm making serious efforts to stop this. I just waste my energy, concentration and just making myself more angry. At the end i'll tilt myself.

2. Idiotistic plays by fishes: I still couldn't solve this. Limpcallers, min3betting, donking, mindonking, mincheckraise are making me still nuts. 

3. Sucking out in 3b pots: I'm sitting out after these lost AIs immediately. Fish cold calls 3b with trash, I've got a premium and he flop the goods. Or he's calling 3b OOP with trash, calling barrels with a hopeless gutshout and rivering. Setmining in 3b pots with small PPs and i flop TPTK. Variations are endless. 


1. Bad beats: I'm not affected by bad beats anymore. In the past they tilted me hard, today i just don't care if i lose even a 1 outer. Understanding variance, putting the money in when I'm ahead just enough for me. I had an epic day when lost 4x AIs w 90%+ equity. I think it was a milestone.

2.  Bookeeping effect: In the past i continously checked my results during play, i could stop it. I finished a day, session when made a good result. I could get out of these bad habits.

3. Number of tables: Last year  i played 6-9 tables with a nice autopilot mode. I reduced the number of tables to max 4 and my results rocketed. I never believed but it's working. 

4. Balance: most important thing is that i play my sessions with the righ mindset (with some mildtilt detailed earlier) and could improve a lot by controling my temper. 

5. Music: playing to the right music is very important. It shouldn't be dynamic, it shouldn't boost my adrenaline during play. Calm, laidback music is just great. 

6. Tommy Angelo: I've heard it once and will do it again. Really great stuff. 

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