October 26, 2010

Lost AIs - Where the money goes away

Running pretty bad in this month concerning my full stack AIs and now have checked my HEM to find where my money is going away.

The dry facts: 30k hands at NL10 and down at -13 BI (with RB I'm cca BE). Not that nice. The only positive thing that I didnt go to a massive tilt and could stay cool. The toughest moment was when lost 3 AIs within 5 minutes as a favourite. The last drop was when lost against shortie w AA vs Q3o. Not much money but it pissed me off.

So. Lost 25 full stack AIs!!!! That's huge and started analyizing the lost AIs. The main categories.
- 4x Pre AI as fav: AA vs KK, KK vs QQ, AA vs JQo ....
- 3x Pre AI as underdog: QQ vs KK, AK vs AA .....
- 2x Coinflips: QQ vs AK, AK vs QQ
- 3x Postflop AI as fav: set vs FD, set vs gutshot
- 2x Postflop coolers: set vs overset
- 4x Postflop underdog: trips vs FH, 2 pairs vs straight, flush on paired board....
- 4x Single raised pots w KK+, AK: typical mistake from me, cannot lay down and suspect a draw, a bluff
- 3x 3bet, 4bet pot w KK+ coolerized: that's my nightmare when a preflop underdog flops set

So I was at the wrong side of the variance 7 times, i think it's too much in this month, but cannot do anything about it. Poor postflop play when cannot lay down 8 times.
I tend to think that there is no need to go preflop AI w QQ, AK facing a 4b. Its a coinflop (it tilts when you lose) or we're underdog to better hands. It happened 5 times. And I got coolerized 5 times.

I dont care about variance and coolers because i know that i put the money rightly in. But I will avoid coinflip situations w QQ, AK. We gain nothing, can increase only variance and tilt.

What worries me the most is when i cannot lay down with big PPs in single raised pots to checkraise or reraise from setminers. And going or calling the shove without the absolute nuts.
I'd be happy to hear any comments from experienced players.

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