February 20, 2010

Get to work!

Was wasting time cruising Sharkscope and came across this guy’s 2010 results:

Notice the highlighted portion? He’s playing $36 turbo 9-man SNGs on Full Tilt. That down period lasted about 650 games and is over 100 buyins deep.

What’s amazing is that despite that godawful run, this player is still #6 overall on his respective leaderboard, and the highest-ranking Full Tilt player on it.

How many SNG players do you know who would more or less give up poker and stick their heads in the oven after results like that, and totally fail to rebound? Maybe you don’t know a lot of SNG players, but I do, and the answer is: lots. And yet this guy managed to hang in there, grind his volume and get back on top. I don’t know this player personally, but this implies:

1. He had a particularly large bankroll for his chosen game, which means that he was probably doing the right thing: letting his bankroll grow. All the proper bankroll advice in print presumes that your bankroll is allowed to grow over time, not just withdrawn down to 75 or 100 or 150 buyins month after month. The fact that he was able to withstand this kind of downturn and never move down means that either he started off what many players consider to be “over-rolled” or allowed himself to get that way, which in fact is the proper thing to do.

2. He was able to maintain confidence in his ability to win despite his losing results. A lot of players in his situation would “take a month off” to “question everything they know” about SNGs, poker, their sexuality, life, and the universe, and indeed I’m sure a lot of the monkeys in the forums would encourage him to do so. But this player didn’t use this episode as an excuse to slack. Instead, he went to work. This means that he either worked hard to expose and correct any bad habits that he might have developed, or, not having found any, had the discipline to do what was correct despite what would be a soul-sapping period of extreme frustration for almost anyone. I’m sure he was buoyed by the fact that his lifetime graph looked like below, where this incident appears as a mere blip on the radar screen of what ultimately is a very long run.

I think this guy’s example can help give us a little perspective on our next “rough day” losing 15 buyins or whatever, or in the face of even longer bad runs, remind us what it takes to get out of it and that it is indeed possible.

Now get to work!

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KasinoKrime posted on February 20, 2010 at 18:24 PM


Well said.

DJ Sensei posted on February 21, 2010 at 05:49 AM


Doesn't bode well for higher-stakes SNGs if a dude like this is still playing $36's, right?

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