April 25, 2010

Epic Failure Approximately

Fish, Filt & $$$
New blog post “Epic Failure Approximately”
On leaving PokerVT, starting to gym and Tokyo dreaming…

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April 24, 2010

Inside The Goldmine

After being a member at PokerVT for about 18 months I cancelled my subscription and joined DeucesCracked today. Man, this place is a goldmine!
I watched so much interesting stuff in the last couple of hours. It makes me wonder why I waited so long to join… Anyway, lots of catching up to do…. These video series are just amazing.

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March 28, 2010

Filthy Rich Fish

The long & troublesome road to filthy richness by playing online poker… Rambles and rants of an online poker player. All about poker, gambling and adventure. Featuring lots of fish, filth, $$$ and the best rakeback deals around…You’ll find my blog at www.filthyrichfish.org…

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