November 11, 2010


Running pretty damn bad right now. I'm down around 25BI this month. I've only been able to play 120 games. First decent downswing in a while for me. I've decreased the number of tables that I'm playing at a time and I'm seriously considering dropping down a limit(98.72% sure I will, 100% sure I will once I get 30 BI into the red). I'm definitely not feeling quite as confident about my game as I used to. For some time I seriously considered that I might have just ran good for the last 3k games. It's possible but really unlikely.  I'll put more time in to studying etc. I'll also have my first coaching session with SiQ in the near future so I should be totally fine as long as I don't tilt off my money and keep on learning =). I feel like my priorities shifted from studying  to making money at some point, I think I'm back to normal-ish now.

I also finally received "Stocks For The Long Run" by J.Siegel. Seems really interesting thus far, the "unfortunate" thing is that I really  need to concentrate while reading it which means it'll take a ton of hours(which I don't have) to get through it. I've started bringing papers about economy to school so my break time wouldn't be wasted and it's been awesome so I'll keep on doing that.

I haven't done the presentations about various concepts(see 1 or 2 blog post before this one) because they take a lot of time if I wan't them to be good enough to upload into a forum. I've re-read and re-watched some stuff though and it's been helpful. If I get bored or something then I'll make these presentations but they're not my 1st priority.

I still wonder if I should change the title of my last blog post as it is really misleading. It doesn't really matter though so meh.

I hope you're running better than I am at the moment, good luck!

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