October 21, 2010

Running hot just like everybody else

I've been trying to get some volume in on these $24 turbos but i've only managed to play 84... I've been really busy with school/folk dancing stuff etc so I haven't really put in almost any games. Usually once I get home I decide not to play because I'm way too tired or need to study, wohoo for autumn break. Anyway this is how I'm doing this far: 

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 Played 9 games today -.-, had an ROI of 83,3% and ITM of 77,8% so that's awesome :P. Obv this is all skill, no luck or anything funny like that, I was planning around 90% ROI but I guess I was a little tired. Definitely helps out with my confidence issues, I was really scared of these at first. Now I just have to make sure I don't get too carried away.

I've been working on putting the first presentation together. I'd recommend doing this for everybody, there's a lot of stuff that I know but don't necessarily think about while I review/play. I have to say that this takes a lot more work than I originally expected, hopefully I can get something out by next weekend.

I found out today that my physics teacher has been talking shit behind my back... Not cool bro, he could've just said it in my face =/. Nothing too serious but still. Hmmm... What else? Oh yeah, I have this class wedding coming up this weekend ---> I won't be sober before monday which means that I can only play MTT-s until monday morning. I also have a folk-dancing camp tomorrow and on saturday.

My weekend: 

1.Dance until I can no more

2.Drink until I can no more

3.Dance again, this time I also look dumb...


Now rinse and repeat about 3 times but add 2 spoonfuls of drinking and a whole lot of look-dumb. Fun times....

I wonder why spell-check says I can't write "monday" =/. Good luck!

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