August 21, 2010

Vegas, birthday, rollercoasters and cake...

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...None of these topics will be discussed here in this post. However I will be talking about conspiracy theories, future plans and what's going on right now. There will also be awesome free music in this post and NO, it's not my brothers/friends band, this guy is genuinely good.

The other day I was playing on FT wearing my PS hoodie. I lost almost every single flip, got sucked out on almost every hand I went all in with and ended up against AA-QQ or AQ+ on many simple shove spots. Are they watching us? I think so... Needless to say I will try to uncover this mystery. Updates with graphs and possibly other pics will be posted here.

That very same day I was playing a 500cap $22 tourney on stars. ~30 people were still left. Obv I sent $1 to KidPoker for some good luck. Soon after that came the following hand:

Jesus, where have we come to? Online poker doesn't even have room for boom-switches anymore. "What's next?" as an e-mail from twitter asked me after letting me know that someone advertising adult dating services started following me around.

Maybe I should have sent $10.

By the way this is the most(only) awesome picture ever taken of me:

---There once was an incredible picture here but you will never see it because I decided so--- 

 *Smoking is incredibly -EV, I quit a while ago.

I'm pretty sure that I will learn mixed games. I already know all the very basic stuff and I plan to improve these games when I just don't feel like playing turbos. It won't be really profitable to make the switch before I'm rolled for pretty high limit games tho and even if I should somehow get the roll together I'd start playing .05/.1 and go up from there. So that's not happening any time soon...
If anybody has any idea about avg win-rates at 3/6+ mixed games I'd appreciate it if you share this intel. I haven't found many very meaningful posts on this topic.

Hand played by me a long time ago:

I mean even if I'm somehow beat there I still got some set outs and I might make my backdoor flush, you never know if you don't try :D.
Unfortunately I have lost my NL4 and most NL10 hands so I can't share some of the best soul reads ever made.

Some sweet tweets I saw recently:

"My grandpa once suggested that after he dies we burry him w his ass sticking out of the ground... so the IRS can continue to fuck him. LMAO"


"Kind, old lady next to me on plane was scared to fly, so I let her put her fingers in my mouth the whole flight."

New free to download album by Outasight. He has 3 albums now, every one is very good imo.

Style: Hip hop/soul/alternative.


I think I enjoy blogging. If nothing else then it takes my mind off things. I didn't get to talk about much what is going on right now but meh. Some other time maybe. Also I promise I might not put misleading titles on my blogs from now on.

Good luck, have batman!

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