June 24, 2011

One Night of Pleasure

The latest Episode of Badugi All-Stars is up!



Episode 6: One Night Of Pleasure - Guest: Mitch

Your hosts ramble about putting money on Merge, Hellmuth's shot at bracelet #12, and Tecmo's pleasure withdrawal. The guest is Mitch, the resident no content poster of Deuces Cracked.

If you're a fan of the show, then be sure to leave us some feedback on iTunes!

In other news, we've been fostering a 2 year old lab named Jake for a couple months. We've had a couple bites, but no takers thus far. If you or anyone you know is looking to adopt a dog, then please let me know. His previous owner in Georgia died and left him and several other dogs unattended. A great lady named Marcie in Tennessee helped him and sent him up to us in Maryland. Jake had lived outside his whole life and didn't even understand what toys were when we gave them to him. Now he loves toys, ESPECIALLY tennis balls, and he's perfectly house-trained and crate-trained! Here is his petfinder page:



In addition to Jake, Marcie has helped saved many, many other dogs. One dog she is currently helping is Bella, a beautiful shiba inu mix. Bella was found on the side of the road and is extremely friendly and sweet. Marcie has yet to find a foster home for her so Marcie has been boarding Bella with her local vet. Unfortunately, her husband got laid off yesterday :( With a baby on the way in the near future and 3 dogs of her own, in addition to boarding costs increasing soon, things are stressful to say the least for Marcie. Again, if you or anyone you know is interested in adopting her, PLEASE let me know. Here is her petfinder page:



If you can help find homes for either of these wonderful dogs (or are interested in fostering Bella), contact me ASAP @ tecmo@deucescracked.com. At the very least, please spread the word!

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June 07, 2011

Ep 5 of Badugi All-stars - Tommy Angelo Part 2!

Part 2 of the Tommy Angelo interview is now up on our latest podcast! As always, be sure to subscribe via iTunes or download directly via the links below. Feedback is also greatly appreciated :)



For those of you who listen, this picture will make sense. 

User Uploaded Image


More details over at TecmoPoker.com.

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May 28, 2011


It's almost that time of year.  Now more than ever I'm looking forward to the buzz of the WSOP.  I've gone for 3 straight years, but this year will be different.  Without the ability to play online, this feels like a last hurrah of sorts.  Who knows how things will shake out, but I'm looking forward to playing live, feeling the excitement in the Amazon room, playing the Triple Draw event, the DC home game, meeting new people, seeing others who I only see once a year, maxin' and relaxin' at The Palazzo with my girlfriend, and just having a great time.

I'm also going to be blogging more over at http://tecmopoker.com/ so add that to your reader, bookmarks, or whatever ya gotta do to stay on the up and up :)  I'll post whenever a new episode of Badugi Allstars is released and my Vegas trip report, among other things.  I've loved blogging here, but unfortunately I tried to promote some things in a recent blog post which was against DC's policy.  Their policy is 100% understandable (they don't want people spamming everywhere) and I unknowingly crossed the line :(  I'm not in trouble or anything, although I did have to write "I will not act out of turn" 1k times on a virtual blackboard.  I'll still post here occasionally, but I in no way want to upset the DC higher ups and respect their promotion policy.  Blogging on my own site will allow me to post freely and not step on any toes :)

So anyway, check out the classic blog below from a while back.  It should help get you in the WSOP mood.  If you're headed out to Vegas for the WSOP, I'll be out there from June 27th to July 8th so be sure to say hi!


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May 20, 2011

Tommy Angelo on Badugi Allstars!

In case you guys missed it, Episode 3 of Badugi Allstars is out, featuring a great interview with Tackleberry!  You can find it at either of the links below.



And be on the lookout next week for a very special episode with Tommy Angelo!

In other news, I've been working on a super secret project that will be launching in less than a week.  It's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait for it to be ready.  Details of that project will also be featured in next week's podcast so don't miss it!

And just in case you weren't aware, 11 DAYS UNTIL THE WSOP BEGINS IMO.

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May 17, 2011

Ep 3 of Badugi All-Stars!


Episode 3, titled "Good Luck Right-Clicking Sucker!" is out!

In episode 3, topics include live NL strategy, the DOJ's thoughts on players, an interview with DC member Tackleberry, and Tecmo joining the Apple cult.  Join us next time for an announcement regarding the future announcement of the annoucement schedule of Full Tilt Poker.

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May 13, 2011

Don't Wait

I always had these grand plans to make a difference in the world.  Sure, I help out at the Sharing Table (soup kitchen type thing) every now and then and do several other small things to help out, but I always thought "one day, I'm going to do something BIG."

You know what I recently discovered?  One day never comes.  One day will always be one day until you stop thinking one day and start thinking TODAY.

I finally said screw it.  I'm 27 years old.  What am I waiting for anyway?  That's when I began researching and acting on my idea to make a difference.  I've only accomplished a little thus far, but in the past couple months, I've done WAY more than ever before.  The reason?  Because I realized that tomorrow never comes.

If you wait, then you'll always be waiting.  Whatever dream you have, whatever major life goal you want to accomplish, whatever minor life goal, it doesn't matter - get out there and start doing something about it TODAY.

Don't wait.


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May 06, 2011

A Radical Experiment in Empathy

In light of recent events, I feel it necessary to share this video.


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May 02, 2011

Ep 2 of Badugi All-Stars!

Ep 2 of Badugi All-Stars - "Hot Like A Toaster Strudel" is now up!  

"Topics include Portal 2, Tecmo's live poker experiences, more about the internet poker shutdown, and an interview with DeucesCracked member aumorgan."

You can now search for Badugi All-Stars in iTunes and subscribe there so be sure to do that so you don't miss out on such wonderful and insightful content.


If you're not into iTunes, you can check out the website below and download it directly from there.


Post your feedback here!

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April 22, 2011

Tecmo & Nixon Podcast?!?

NixonTheGrouch and I started a podcast called Badugi All-Stars.  Yep, it's just as exciting as it sounds.  Check out the link below for episode 1, titled "Chocolate Friday."  If so inclined, you can subscribe via iTunes.  (Note - You'll have to download the mp3 for now.  Streaming doesn't work for some reason.)


We'll be looking to interview members of the DC community, random people on the street, Pokey (but not Gumby), and others so get an alibi ready for when we ask you.

 (This song has nothing to do with the podcast.  I just like it.)

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April 21, 2011

Really? I mean, like, really?

Has anyone else seen this commercial lately?

 Is it just me or does this commercial seem about 8 years late?  My dial-up connection?  My land-line phone?

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