March 03, 2012

Roller coaster!!

Woooo! on the roller coaster again, has been an interesting week at 30nl although i havnt had a whole lot of time to play the times i did play were extreme! i went on a heater last weeken dand made approx $450 in about 4k hands and i was on top of the world again crushing 30nl at the particular site that i play. Then mid week i came down with a cold and stayed home from work and skiing had a good sleep in, woke up had some breakfast and sat down at my computer to watch some vidz before i played, ended up watching Baluga Whales 3 betting video before starting a gruelling 6 hour session which resulted in a $390 downward spiral! i had enough in my BR to play some 50nl for a bit as a result of the weeknd previous so the site was pretty quiet so plaayed 3 table 50nl and 3 table 30nl and i just keep running bad at 50nl and just kept getting destroyed! was a few decisions i know were stupid like stacking with KK in a single raised pot to a board of 879, i was aware the call was wrong evn before i saw his set of 7......pure bet/fold oh well we live and learn! 30 nl still seems to be going pretty good at 17bb/100 for 30k hands or so and 50nl is in the negative for 10k hopefully it gets better.

life things! skiing has been insane, probably the best skiing ive had in the last 5 years, nothing but deep deep deep deep snow which is pretty much the whole reason i live and why i live in this amazing place. work has just gotten super slow so i got a lot of spare time to work on my game in the coming weeks. Vegas is coming up fast and im super excited to go and party with frinds from back home in australia and have a heli trip booked into the flfoor of the Grand Canyon which im sure many of you poker pplayers have seen before!!! also shoulder surgery coming up on may the 4th and again going to have a good period of time to work on the game!

my Fresh start sheet 2 progress, things in red are things i didnt do, things in green are what i worked on/did, and things in blue are the things that im working on 

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 And the amazing place i live, and my Amazing Girlfriend! and buddy

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