July 06, 2010


Bodog restructured their loyalty scheme (read: rakeback) couple of weeks ago and I had an option to join the site now (benefits!) or later (no benefits!). I hastily withdraw some of my roll from FT and managed to confirm my new account just hours before the deadline. Great success! Quite interesting site, to be honest. Max tables = 4, fishiness = close to infinity. Dabbled around in NL200 for starters, felt like NL25 at FT. Like I can point out 5 major leaks for every reg. Software is a bit awkward, but compared to the cesspool of Pacific, it's playable.

In general, I've played around 5K hands since my last entry. I'm getting absolutely hammered at work and had no motivation to stress myself even more with poker. Been following DC, though.. Don't know if it's just me, but there seems to be a smaller amount of videos being published per week lately.

Thinking about moving all my roll to Bodog and starting right away with NL200... not sure though.


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