December 07, 2011

First Post!

Disclaimer: I'm not really familiar with the whole blogging process, I assume I just write, people read etc. Basically I'm going to be splitting this blog into two parts. Part one will just be daily life, the perks of the city I am in (Buenos Aires) at the moment. Part two will be poker, thoughts, hands, run good/run bad etc.

So it's 11:50 and I've just eaten breakfast. Argentina, in particular Buenos Aires, has a very unique (as far as I know) schedule. Basically dinner begins anywhere between 10pm and 12pm and as a result, people generally go for drinks/clubbing between 2am->8am. It's really weird and the first week can be weird to adapt to, but the fact siestas are still common throughout the whole country makes it a fair bit easier. Summer is awesome, the weather is really good at the moment. Coming from Australia, Brisbane in particular, I can't help but think the last few summers back home have been like 1 month of severe heat followed by a week of rain. Here in Buenos Aires its a bit more like 4 days of reasonable temperatures, 2 days of heat and 1 day of rain. It's great.

Anyway, my girlfriend and I just got a place in Palermo which I guess is a fancier neighbourhood of BA with the majority of the city's nightlife. Furthermore there are a lot of great restaurants and cafe's to chill, along with cobblestone streets covered by overhanging trees. It's really scenic and a great place to live. The last time we were here (April -> July this year) we lived in the microcentro, in essentially the most central part of the city. We got a 1 BR apartment, we are on a budget so we got a relatively cheapish place. I would like to share a place with a few other likeminded grinders but we haven't had that chance yet.

Anyway, my girlfriend is Peruvian and one of her friends from back home is studying here and his bday party is tonight at his place which will be good. Another friend of mine from back in Australia has been here for a month and he's having a going away party tomorrow, so looks like a good couple of days.

So a bit about poker. I'm currently grinding 10nl, I took about a 2month break while we travelled through Bolivia, Chile and back up through Argentina to BA. I was on a downswing prior to the travel, and well, call me weak but it felt good to take a break. I'm sure it wasn't even a big downswing given what a lot of guys on here have gone through, but, given that I only started playing poker in April, and cash in August, well it sucked. So yeah the break was good and I've come back feeling charged.

I set myself a goal in August to be at 50nl by Xmas, which at this rate could be a little tight. I'm just about to move up to 25nl within this week or the next and I'll be taking a shot at 50nl once I have 30 BIs. Doing that in the next 18 days could be tricky given that I only play 4 tables at a time, but the closer I come to achieving it, the better I will feel.

I'm going to play a session now, but I'm going to try update this blog at least twice per week.

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mitch posted on December 07, 2011 at 15:22 PM


"Anyway, my girlfriend is Peruvian"

Sick brag :)

Last time I was in BA it was snowing. Everyone was freaking out.

mitch posted on December 07, 2011 at 15:23 PM


Oh and good first blog man!


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