July 03, 2011

A little basic review...

Well, June sucked for me from a results perspective. While I started the month at 50nl and took a shot at 100nl, I ended the month down at 25nl. Such is poker life.

So I've been reviewing the month as a whole and analyzing my weaknesses. Came up with a few that were the direct result of trying to change some things in my game - I don't regret trying them, and think the general ideas are correct but the execution was poor, so it's more a matter of figuring out where I'm executing poorly. There's an additional substantial leak that's been in my game forever and that's just going to take more work.

I just started watching Real Life Micro NL Grinder for the first time and ran across some f*&king basic ideas that I knew but haven't been executing correctly, and I think they go a long way to explaining why my showdown stats all look awesome but my results don't. From Search and Destroy ep 1, my WTSD, W$SD, W$WSF, W$non-SD are all high (i.e., I go to showdown a lot, I win at showdown alot, I win when I see a flop alot, and I win non-showdown pots a lot) but my results don't reflect that. It sounds lol impossible until you realize that while I win frequently, I'm losing pots so big in other spots that they outweigh the pots I'm winning and/or I'm failing to get enough value from the pots that I win that they don't offset the pots I lose. So the good news is I've got some ideas that will make July a better month than June I hope.

Oh, and of course I ran below allinEv, but whatever.

For whatever reason, my June FR results really suck and my June 6max results sucked alot less, so for the purposes of fixing leaks I'll be playing 6max pretty exclusively for a while.

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