May 23, 2011


Just to mark a point in time - I've been seriously playing FR NLHE for about 3 months now and have played 110k hands in that time over all the microstakes limits except 2nl. I'm up 31 buyins over that stretch, which includes three 10 buyin downswings and my current 19 buyin upswing over my last 23k hands (run good feels good). For whatever reason, 25nl has always kicked my ass and 50nl has always been nice to me, which is convenient. I'll be much happier if my graph continues to look like it does over the last 23k hands - nice steady climb without serious downswings - rather than the first 85k hands, which looks like a heartbeat graph.

I'm really pleased that I finally got my head around stopping multitabling, it's paying off now. I now play 4 or 6 tables of FR, my reads are much stronger, my betsizing is much better, and I make fewer just idiotic mistakes (wish I could say "no idiotic mistakes", but that just wouldn't be true :) ). While I'm possibly sacrificing a bit in hourly winrate (maybe, maybe not), I'm certain my game is improving much more quickly than it would otherwise. 

Oh, I'm back at Platinum status again (rungood at 50nl has side benefits), which is nice for FPP/br accrual. I still miss being a supernova, but I'll probably still make it back to SN this year.

I'm making some forays into 100nl FR, and feeling pretty good about it. So far (only 3k hands) I haven't noticed a huge difference between 50nl and 100nl, mostly increased 3betting, fewer just silly payoffs/bluffs, and generally tighter tables. It seems easier to find tables with 7 100bb+ stacked players at 100nl, which is convenient for me - alot of the things I'm working on in my game work best against medium, rather than short, stacks.

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