December 19, 2011

shoot the bird

I was playing a session this morning and 230 hands and 160BB profit later my mom tell me the bird is gone. Right now it is freezing out there. We have tried to call him and do any mimic we could to make him land on our fist, but nothing to do. Than I tried to shoot him with my slingshot with balls of dog food, they are light and not that hard. I got him a couple times, but he always went to other trees. We got him to go lower enough we took the ladder of the guy we almost got the bird, but he flew away. After that he went on a really small tree we took the ladder again, but in vein. Finaly I tried my last dog food balls and we concluded that there was no much hope. We took our 2 outers, but it seems we were not on the good side of variance. Cya Zazoo the bird.

Posted By sincerny at 08:35 PM



nawhead posted on December 21, 2011 at 02:01 AM


bye bye little bird. :(

sincerny posted on December 24, 2011 at 22:18 PM


1 day passed it was raining and it was 2 degree celcius outside, my mom posted 1 message about a missing bird near my house. A second day passed snowing outside and it was like minus 5 degree. than the third day it was like minus 10. One guy saw the bird and showed him his fist the bird landed on him he called his wife asking her to buy a cage. The wife answered that she saw the missing advertisement. My mom received the call and now we have the bird! I mean what are the chances haha.


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