November 14, 2011

No Mr.Tilt don't... please don't... arf i'm leaving

Session: 122.8 minutes 10NL 693 hands(between 3-4 tables)  -$10.52

I was so proud of me, I was targeted by the bad luck, but this time even if I got smacked and smacked against hands I should have won... I was keeping my tilt away (I found out that everytime I got on the bad side of the variance I was spewing and spewing medium amounts that were finaly big) I kept thinking about the best play on everystreets and even if I was loosing money I knew I made the right long term choices. And finaly! I saw it the positive side of variance, I didn't have exceptional hands, but made wise moves and was grinding up from my negative start and when finaly I was reaching the top, I was so proud it worked! And then Blah... he touched his inside straight draw and got my stack against my KK -_-. I knew it was the time to close my tables, because it would have been steaming around me :(

I will post some hands later on the forum...

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Posted By sincerny at 07:38 PM




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