November 13, 2011

How can I handle those maniacs at live poker?

Today I played from 11am to 4 pm at the live poker table 200NL and made a profit of 70$

There was the classic guy who had difficulty to understand that you have to bet bigger and bigger as the streets comes up and not betting 25$ preflop and 10$ once the flop come, who made $1200 profit in few hours. Of course I moved to the seat behind him and made some bucks.

But, there were 2 guys in front of me who probably have a VPIP of 50%+ and a PFR of 40. Even when I 3bet them with some connectors or some medium aces, KQ, but they would still call and I get donk more than the pot and now I'm faced with a king or ace high... at least I took 1 pot where I got 3 streets from him with top pair king with kicker queen with a preflop bet, flop bet, turn bet, river check call.

I feel like I should try to get a showdown with weaker hands since they keep betting and get to the river in a 3way pot with... second pair? I feel like i'm scared money but, in online 10NL it almost never happen to see value bet 3 streets multi-way and win with second pair.

Am I scared money or I should just keep believing them and crush them once I get a good 2pairs, +?

Posted By sincerny at 11:02 PM



duffte posted on November 13, 2011 at 23:15 PM


you need to invest less with unimproved hands (ak as well), like call pre fit or fold post.. you dont have to be aggressive and you shouldnt try to balance aggression, just exploit

shuttle posted on November 13, 2011 at 23:23 PM


Play fit or fold on the flop more then massively valuetown them when you do actually have a hand. Also inducing when you have a strong hand and they have air and they won't call a bet is the nuts.

Don't be scared to play for stacks with hands that are a bit weaker than you are accustomed to.

sincerny posted on November 14, 2011 at 00:57 AM




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